Pauley Perrette of ‘NCIS’ Reunites with Former Co-Star Brian Dietzen in New Photo!


When Pauley Perrette left NCIS during the season 15 finale, fans were devastated. Perrette had previously played the beloved forensic scientist Abby Sciuto for 15 years, first appearing in the show’s pilot. However, following a squabble with a former co-star, the Abby actress has vowed never to return to the set again.

Nonetheless, we enjoy seeing the long-running NCIS star reunite with past and present cast members. And now, a new photo shows Pauley Perrette reuniting with Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS. Take a look at the photo below.

“Me and [Brian Deitzen] today,” the former NCIS star captioned the amusing Tweet. (As well as #RescueDog Rosie!)”

We’re used to seeing the two former co-stars wearing bright white NCIS labcoats side by side. This time, however, we find them in their everyday attire. For the photo, Perrette wore a simple white tee and pink glasses, while Dietzen wore a blue T-shirt and a worn baseball cap.

Rosie, the small, fuzzy dog in the photograph, looks off into the distance. Her crooked orangey-brown ears perk up for the shoot.

NCIS fans flocked to the comments section to express their affection for the former co-stars. Many fans lamented Abby’s absence from the hit cr1me drama’s later seasons.

One fan wrote, “I love [Brian Dietzen] and you on NCIS.” “It hasn’t been the same since you left.”

“Aww!” said another. I’m glad you guys still hang out.”


So, why did Pauley Perrette leave ‘NCIS’ in the first place..?

For about 15 years, NCIS fans followed Abby Sciuto’s varied adventures as she assisted the team in solving the most difficult cases. So when she abruptly announced her intention to leave at the end of season 15, fans were devastated. Many of them are still that way today. In the end, we know Abby left to fulfill a promise she made to a fallen friend. But why did her star, Pauley Perrette, decide to leave?

Unfortunately, the NCIS actress left after a heated argument with longtime co-star and Leroy Jethro Gibbs actor Mark Harmon. What makes their disagreement even more heartbreaking is that the two costars portrayed a father-daughter relationship for more than a decade, which resulted in many memorable episodes and scenes.

Following her departure, however, sources claimed that Mark Harmon, an executive producer and former NCIS star, brought his dog to set on a regular basis, which allegedly bit a crew member and required stitches. Cast and crew members were reportedly afraid to approach Harmon about their discomfort, and it was ultimately Pauley Perrette who spoke up. It eventually led to a lifelong feud, with the two co-stars filming on separate days and eventually not sharing any scenes together at all.

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