Pauley Perrette of NCIS Received A Lot of Love After Her Home Struggle: ‘Most Burned Up’

Pauley Perrette, star of NCIS, has openly shared with her social media followers how one of her hobbies outside of acting has taken a turn at home.

Pauley Perrette may have said goodbye to the world on NCIS in 2018, but it’s safe to say that plenty of the CBS drama’s fans are still interested in what the star is up to now. Following the cancellation of her CBS sitcom Broke, Perrette has been enjoying time away from the spotlight, fundraising for charities and honing her crafts at home.

However, in her most recent Twitter update, Perrette revealed that her love of gardening has taken a back seat due to the extreme heat that has hit Earth this month.

Los Angeles in the United States, like the United Kingdom, was hit by a heatwave earlier this month.

And it appears that Perrette’s home gardening projects have been hampered by the weather.

Perrette shared a post with her 709k followers about the challenges she’s faced with her latest green-fingered project.

“As an obsessive #gardener, #plant grower, and earth lover…” Perrette got things started.

“This year, most of my food-producing plants burned up.”

But it wasn’t all bad news for the former NCIS star, as she ended her update on a high note.

“But this was my harvest the other day and I ate it and it was delicious and perfect!” she said, holding a snap of vine tomatoes.

“There will be more to come!” As she finished her social media post, Perrette promised.

And, based on the reactions of her followers, it appears Perrette isn’t the only one going through this.

“So sorry to hear about your other plants, but so glad to see this one has made it through!” Dione Umbach responded.

“Some of my favorite foods are tomatoes!” Nothing beats eating something fresh from the garden!”

“Having food from your own garden is the best thing,” Nathalie Brinkman added. I currently have an overgrown bramberry bush that is overflowing with bramberries. They’re sweet with a hint of sour.

“At the moment, it’s the only edible thing growing because I have to deal with a massive underground Japanese knotweed first.”

Meanwhile, Brad Trageser praised: “YOU ARE AMAZING. How is your cactus faring? Keep yourself safe… “ALWAYS BE YOU, Pauley-girl.”

Turckoski Michel also mentioned the difficulties caused by the weather: “In France, too many people burned.” It’s good to be optimistic; it bodes well for the future…”

“The tomato plants my mother grew in the garden in the front yard of my house aren’t doing too well,” Tim Murphy said, “though I’m glad your plants are doing better!”

While Bhavita Mahajan simply said, “Keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing more,” (Sic)

While Perrette is taking a break from acting, NCIS is still going strong in Abby Sciuto’s absence.

The show’s 20th season is currently in production and will premiere in September.

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