Pauley Perrette of NCIS Makes An Emotional Plea As She Discusses Her ‘Unbearable Loss’

Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby Sciuto on the CBS drama NCIS, took to Twitter to make an emotional plea.

Fans of NCIS will recognize Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), who left the show in 2018. Fans of the CBS show have always been loyal to the previous cast members, eager to see what they are up to after their time on the franchise’s ever-expanding set. Perrette also posted a heartfelt but heartbreaking homage to recent losses in her most recent update to her social media fans.

While it has been several years since Perrette debuted on NCIS, the actress is still as famous as ever.

Perrette has retired from acting since leaving the cr1me drama and following a spell on the now-cancelled sitcom Broke, but she took time out of her schedule for an important memorial.

On November 8, the actress posted a photo of herself in church to commemorate All Saints Day.

All Saints Day is a religious holiday observed on November 1. On this day, the church honors all those who have ascended to paradise.

“It was #AllSaintsDay at church today,” Perrette posted on Twitter. There has been so much loss in the last year that it is almost unbearable.

“Light candles for all those we remember.” That one was meant for Dad.”

Perrette revealed earlier this year that her father had d1ed as a result of a struggle with C0v1d.

“Everyone blessings to all who are grieving,” she said in her post before addressing her followers with a heartfelt plea.

“And because the holidays are so difficult, take care of one other,” Perrette continued.

Fans rushed to show their support, with many commenting on the post to express their thoughts and prayers.

“Oh nice @PauleyP, thank you!” wrote @dd umback. As you think of your Daddy, Mama, and all your loved ones in paradise, I give you prayers, comfort, hugs, and love.”

“Many thanks for sharing!” “Your daddy is very proud of you, and he looks down from the sky with a lot of love,” @ElodieCarrion said.

“Sorry for your loss, Pauley,” @xdashlydia said. In my church today, we also heard numerous names read for #AllSaintsDay. Even though we have faith that they are in Heaven, we miss them and it hurts…a lot.”

“Thank you for your words,” @Pajamas31399287 added. They do provide solace. So many of us (including myself) have recently experienced loss. I like to assume that those who have gone before us have embarked on a grander journey, one far more amazing than any of us could ever conceive.”

Perrette abruptly left NCIS during season 15, stunning fans.

In the series’ universe, Abby quit NCIS after an attempted assassination, which forced her to resign in order to protect her.

With the program currently in its 19th season, a number of its major stars have left since her departure.

Recently, series regular Mark Harmon, who played the ever-present Gibbs, said his final farewell.

After nearly two decades of cr1me-fighting, Gibbs traveled north to Alaska in the episode, however the door is left open for a possible return.

In season 18, Jack Sloane actor Maria Bello also said her goodbyes after joining the program following Perrette’s departure.

Emily Wickersham, who played Ellie Bishop, also left the show last season following an emotional farewell with romantic interest Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

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  1. The NCIS survived the leaving of Tony and Ziva, we were sorry to see them go. When Abby left I for one was very HAPPY to see her go especially after trying to make Mark out as a bully and accusations of sexual abuse.
    NCIS is never survive if Gibbs leaves. Anyone of the others with the exception of Ducky and McGee are replaceable. Please I love the show but only if Gibbs stays.

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