Parker Takes Over Gibbs’ Crew on NCIS.

A new NCIS episode aired Monday night, ultimately revealing former FBI Special Agent Alden Parker as the new leader of Gibbs’ squad.

The last episode of NCIS showed that McGee declined Gibbs’ job, prompting Director Vance to try to hire Parker.

Many NCIS fans were surprised by this episode, as Gibbs has been one of the key reasons people have persevered with the show for so long.

However, when Mark Harmon left the NCIS cast on Episode 4, the show had to take a different turn as Season 19 progressed.

NCIS Season 19, Episode 6 Recap

The latest NCIS episode began with an athlete called Felix Cross (played by Joshua Brockington) arriving at a track to meet his coach but not finding him. It was later revealed that the coach was slain in his office.

Parker was seen walking into the office, where McGee, Torres, and Knight were already there. It was a far more low-key entrance than when Gibbs had stepped in and urged everyone to gather their gear. When a call came in, Parker’s response was “let’s roll.”

The v1ctim was a Naval officer who worked as a coach for athletes who were also serving in the Navy. The first suspects on the list were athletes with whom he had previously worked.

The investigation is launched by Parker’s NCIS squad.

Commander Davis (the coach) was k1ll3d with a gun that fired blanks but discharged something at point-blank range. It’s difficult not to draw parallels between what happened in this episode and what happened lately on the set of the film Rust starring Alec Baldwin.

Torres was related to Felix, who had lost a father figure with the d3ath of the coach. Torres was able to help him through the dilemma because of what he had done when Gibbs left the job.

Felix then informed Torres that he had witnessed the coach arguing with Navy Petty Officer Third Class Kyle Seward (Zeus Taylor), which prompted the NCIS team to investigate Kyle. The first presumption was that Kyle was involved in drug selling, so Torres went undercover to see if he could get to the bottom of it. Kyle turned out to be a seller of used athletic equipment. Kyle had stolen women’s sports bras from gyms, which sparked the confrontation.

Kyle was generating thousands of dollars from the sale of stolen stuff, but the team decided that there was no evidence linking him to the murd3r.

The case is solved by the new NCIS squad.

The team’s investigation brought them to Dr. Astrid Fellowes (played by Kelly Stables). She had purchased a large portion of the stolen items that Kyle was selling on online auction sites. She was a geneticist who was working with DNA and had been gathering stuff to do so. Her research sought to identify people who had been genetically changed.

While the scientist appeared to be a d3ad end, the research she had done on virtually every athlete that came through the Navy gave data that the team might use to track down a suspect. And that suspect was the father of a deceased athlete who had previously worked with the coach.

That player was addicted to PEDs, and his father was the one who got him hooked. The coach attempted to intercede, and the father subsequently murd3r3d him when the coach was about to go public. The plan was to scare the coach with a gun loaded with blanks, but it accidentally discharged a fragment that k1ll3d him.

During the course of the investigation, McGee fractured his foot while attempting to track down the doctor, and he is now on crutches. And the episode ended with Torres stepping in to assist Kyle fill the vacuum left by his coach’s d3ath. They met at a racetrack and may have started training together.

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  1. No one and I mean no one can do the job as good as gibbs did,the show will slowely go down hill from now on and it will start loosing veiwers untill it is time to shut it down unless Mark harmon comes back and saves the show.

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