Notable Moments When Danny Went Against Character on Blue Bloods


Given their responsibility to protect New York City streets, the Reagan family in ‘Blue Bloods’ is frequently portrayed as serious and focused. While they have fun at Sunday night dinners, the actors are rarely seen smiling in their roles.

Despite the serious tone of ‘Blue Bloods,’ the cast, known for their humor, often shares laughs, as seen in numerous blooper reels.

Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays Danny Reagan, occasionally reveals his humorous side between takes, offering a refreshing break from the show’s dark topics. One notable moment captures Wahlberg breaking character, highlighting his susceptibility to distractions like anyone else.

Donnie Wahlberg is unable to ignore the presence of a dog in the room.

When you watch “Blue Bloods” blooper reels featuring Donnie Wahlberg, you learn a few things. The first is that he has a pre-take ritual in which he moves his right hand over his face and makes a dramatic gesture, implying that he’s getting into character.

It’s a surefire way to get his coworkers to break down, but Wahlberg isn’t immune to distractions beyond his control.

In a Season 5 blooper, Donnie Wahlberg, after a dramatic scene in front of lockers, breaks character by looking down, smiling, and saying, “Hello, Lumpy.” The camera reveals a cute dog at his feet, providing a moment of distraction on set.

And, if you’re wondering whose dog that was, it was, of course, Wahlberg’s (via Outsider). Lumpy is frequently shown off on social media by the actor, and he apparently brought his dog to work that day for the taping of “Blue Bloods.”Hopefully, Lumpy will make a proper cameo on the police procedural one day.

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