Is Nick Torres Leaving NCIS? Fans Speculate After Intense Plot Twist

Fans of NCIS are speculating about Nick Torres’ future on the show, especially following a recent unresolved case involving his character. While Torres has managed to keep his job at NCIS, the k1ller’s lingering presence and continued FBI surveillance adds uncertainty.

Wilmer Valderrama, who portrays Torres, hasn’t hinted at leaving the series, but in a post-premiere interview with The Wrap, he underscored the profound impact of the case on Torres, suggesting potential ramifications for his role as an agent.

Torres’ struggle to reconcile the trauma of this case may have an impact on his performance as an agent, creating concerns among viewers about his long-term future on the show. The case’s unsettled nature opens up a number of possibilities for Torres’ exit from the team, particularly if it entails putting the cr1me to close. Despite these worries, Valderrama is set to appear throughout NCIS season 21, as Torres joins the team in honoring Ducky by solving his final mystery.

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