‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Gets Fans Excited for Massive Crossover Premiere


We’re just over a month away from the long-awaited season premiere of NCIS’s landmark 20th season. While some of our favorite cast members, such as Brian Dietzen and Diona Reasonover, have been sharing behind-the-scenes filming updates with us, Special Agent Nick Torres actor Wilmer Valderrama has taken to Instagram to get us excited for this year’s dynamite crossover event.

“Crossover premiere event anyone?” teased the NCIS star.

The CBS drama’s producers recently revealed that both NCIS and its newest spinoff NCIS: Hawai’i will have expl0sive season premieres. The casts of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i are set to cross paths again after their first crossover event in the middle of last season.

While NCIS agents Nick Torres and Jessica Knight travel to the Hawaiian islands to investigate the identity of the Raven, NCIS: Hawai’i’s Jane Tennant and Ernie Malik will visit Washington, D.C. on their own mission.

Looking at the photos from what appears to be the set of NCIS: Hawai’i, it appears that Valderrama’s character and Agent Tennant will share some intense onscreen moments during both of their investigations. Take a look at the episode one synopsis for each show below.


‘It’s a Family Thing’

“Following the season 19 cliffhanger finale [of NCIS], with Special Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) still on the run with his ex-wife Vivian (Terri Polo), the team investigates who from Parker’s past may have a personal vendetta against him in the hopes of clearing Parker’s name.” The group tracks down their prime suspect, the Raven, with the help of NCIS: Hawai’i Special Agent Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and computer specialist Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon), who are in town meeting with Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) in preparation for a global military exercise.”

Let’s see what NCIS: Hawai’i has in store for us now.

The ‘Prisoners’ Dilemma’

“On the exciting conclusion to the special crossover event and the season two premiere, Tennant’s team, along with NCIS agents Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), track the Raven’s whereabouts to the island of Oahu and learn about his plans to att4ck RIMPAC (The Rim of the Pacific Exercises), the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise.”


‘NCIS’ Drops New Images Ahead of Season Premiere Crossover Event

The next few weeks will feel excruciatingly long now that we know the basic framework for the new seasons of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i. However, in addition to providing episode one synopses for both series, CBS has provided us with some new photos to look at. Check out the video below.

Season premieres of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i will air on Monday, September 19th at 9 p.m. EST.

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