NCIS: Will Pauley Perrette Reprise Her Role as ‘Abby Sciuto’ in Season 21?


If you like NCIS, you probably like Abby Sciuto. For the first fifteen seasons, the character was a key part of what made the program so captivating, and she’s never truly been replaced.

Outside of Gibbs (Mark Harmon), she may have been the show’s most famous character, therefore viewers are naturally interested in her future with the titular organization.

Because Gibbs left NCIS last season, reintroducing a character like Sciuto would make sense. It would help to compensate for the former’s absence and deliver some nostalgia thrills for longstanding viewers. She will not be returning to the show anytime soon, unfortunately.

Is Abby Sciuto Returning to NCIS..?

Pauley Perrette, who plays Sciuto, did not leave NCIS on good terms. According to Hello! Magazine, Perrette requested that Harmon’s dog no longer be permitted on the scene after the dog bit a staff member, and Harmon’s refusal to comply caused professional stress.

After a while, they stopped filming sequences together, and Perrette decided she wanted to leave the program.

During a 2018 Twitter rage, Perrette alluded to new difficulties. “I refused to go low, that’s why I’ve never told publicly what happened,” she said in a statement.

“However, there are tabloid articles out there that tell complete lies about me.” If you believe what they say? Please respect my privacy. You obviously don’t know who I am. (Sorry folks, had to say it.)”

Harmon and the producers have not publicly addressed Perrette’s comments, but nothing appears to have changed in the years following.

Perrette went on to star in the NBC sitcom Broke opposite Natasha Leggero in 2020, and announced her retirement on social media in 2021, therefore ruling out any possibility of an onscreen reunion between Sciuto and the NCIS group.

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