‘NCIS’: When Do Mark Harmon’s Wife Pam Dawber’s Episodes Air?

For 18 seasons, NCIS star Mark Harmon has played Leroy Jethro Gibbs. A character who’s been married four times but is ultimately married to his work. This character backstory couldn’t be more different than Harmon’s real-life relationship.

The 69-year-old actor has been married to Mork & Mindy star Pam Dawber for almost 35 years. Now, fans will have the opportunity to see this real-life husband and wife work together side-by-side.

Gibbs has been suspended ‘indefinitely’ on ‘NCIS’

During the most recent NCIS episode titled “Watchdog,” Gibbs’ storyline turned somewhat dark. After stumbling upon a dogfighting ring, the team leader used excessive force while interrogating a dog owner. He refused to apologize for his behavior. Instead, Gibbs said he was sorry he didn’t kill the guy.

This resulted in the special agent being taken away in handcuffs after NCIS director Vance (Rocky Carroll) suspended him “indefinitely.” It’s not clear what will happen to the team in his absence. But many fans believe that Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) will take over.

How will the team function without Gibbs?

When NCIS returns for the next episode – Season 18, Episode 11 “Gut Punch” – it will be the first time that fans will see what’s happening with Gibbs after his suspension. It will also be the first time that McGee, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) will be working without their leader constantly looking over their shoulder.

There’s also likely to be some fallout for the agents after they chose to lie for Gibbs during the investigation in the “Watchdog” episode.

“Vance assigns McGee, Torres, and Bishop to [virus] compliance duty at a foreign affairs summit, where they discover a link to another NCIS team’s murder case,” the summary reads for the upcoming episode “Gut Punch.”

‘NCIS’ will welcome Mark Harmon’s real-life wife

Also in “Gut Punch” — which is scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 6 —Dawber will be making her first appearance as journalist Marcie Warren. According to Carter Matt, Dawber is slated for a four-episode arc at the end of season 18.

Her character is described as “a seasoned investigative journalist who uses her savvy wit and down-to-earth people skills to aid in her tireless pursuit of the truth.”

Dawber’s prominent role will include a lot of interaction with her off-screen husband. In photos released ahead of “Gut Punch,” fans can see Harmon and Dawber sitting at the counter of Gibbs’ favorite diner.

Pam Dawber isn’t the first person in Harmon’s family to appear on the show

It’s taken nearly two decades for Harmon and Dawber to appear on-screen together on NCIS. But, she isn’t the first member of the Harmon family to land a role on the CBS procedural. Whenever the series jumps back in time to Gibbs’ youth for any flashbacks, the actor who plays the young Gibbs character is Harmon and Dawber’s son, Sean.

During season 18, Sean Harmon was part of NCIS’ 400th episode when he played a young Gibbs. He starred alongside Adam Campbell, who portrayed a young Dr. Donald “Ducky’ Mallard, to tell the origin story of how Gibbs and Ducky first met.

“I always think back to the first time they talked about doing a young ‘Gibbs’ thing here, and Sean was just out of school at that point. A director named Tony Wharmby said, ‘Can he come in and read?’” Harmon told Entertainment Tonight. “On his own he did and I’m proud of him taking his work seriously and how he approaches being an actor.”

Will Mark Harmon leave ‘NCIS’ after season 18?

There are only a handful of episodes left before the end of the season. But, CBS has not yet announced a renewal for season 19. And, rumors are swirling that Harmon is ready to leave. The actor has starred on NCIS since 2003, but his contract ends after this season.

Now that Gibbs has turned in his badge and gun, some fans are worried that this could be Harmon’s exit from the series. However, insiders say that he is willing to return for a handful of episodes in season 19, if CBS renews the series one more year.

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber will star in the upcoming NCIS episode “Gut Punch,” which airs Tuesday, April 6 on CBS.

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