NCIS viewers fume as a romance between Knight and Torres is hinted at following Bishop’s departure: ‘Better not be!’


NCIS has just recently said goodbye to Agent Ellie Bishop in a sad farewell, but some fans believe another romance for her infrequent love interest Nick Torres is in the works.

Before the latter’s heartbreaking departure in NCIS season 18, agents Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Ellie Bishop (Emily Bishop) never officially met. However, the potential couple remains close to fans’ hearts, and the CBS drama’s latest tease on Twitter may have destroyed their dreams that the pair will ever reconnect.

The official Twitter account of NCIS looked to be hinting a romantic subplot involving Agent Torres and newcomer to the squad Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law).

To get people talking, the social media platform released two photographs of the agents on their phones.

“What are these two texting about?” they captioned the new post.

Knight and Torres have already shown that they work well together and may be getting to know each other better behind the scenes.


Their recent appearance in the lead-up to the next show on Monday confirms they’ve been texting each other during, and possibly outside of, business hours.

Hopefully, the agents will get some downtime soon, giving Torres some chance to get to know the task force’s newest member.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t thrilled with the prospect of sparks blooming between the two so soon after Bishop’s departure from NCIS to take on a new covert job.

Gatorhater47 responded to the new teaser by saying, “No idea, but you better not be breaking up Bishop and Torres.”


During their time on the show, Torres and Bishop never mustered up the guts to officially ask each other out.

Bishop, on the other hand, marked her departure with a passionate kiss for her fellow agent, implying that something might have transpired between them if she hadn’t been compelled to destroy all her bridges with the team.

“They have no sexual chemistry, so please don’t put them in a relationship,” Kylee Cheff added.

Season 19 may be pushing for Knight to be the next Bishop, but viewers aren’t sold on Torres’ new on-screen sidekick.

While some believe Bishop will return in a surprise twist later in the series, others believe he will not.

The agent left the series after being charged with leaking NSA information, which turned out to be a deception to allow her to go undercover as a disgraced agent.

Once her new task is completed, there’s a slim chance Bishop may return to the series to attempt again for a relationship with Torres.

“Nick’s telling her Ellie is coming back and she needs to acquire another workstation,” NCIS fan Lynnnnc suggested.

“Nick finally heard from Ellie, and who knows with the new girl,” Sitting Ducki continued.

Bishop, as far as the rest of the team is aware, has severed all relations with the NCIS following the NSA leak and retired in disgrace.

Torres, on the other hand, may still be receiving the occasional text update from the undercover agent, which might eventually offer Bishop with a route back into the series at some point in the future.

For the time being, NCIS fans may have to get used to Torres and Knight making eye contact with each other now that Bishop is no longer in the scene.

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