NCIS Spinoff: Tony and Ziva – Cast, Story, and Everything Revealed

Get ready for a thrilling new chapter in the NCIS universe! Paramount+ is cooking up a spinoff featuring everyone’s favorite duo: Tony and Ziva. As NCIS celebrates over 20 years on the air, it’s not slowing down. Unlike traditional spinoffs, this one dives deep into character arcs, bringing back the beloved pair in a fresh narrative. Alongside other innovative projects like NCIS: Origins, which explores young Leroy Gibbs’ early days, this spinoff promises nostalgia and excitement. Stay tuned for the latest updates on casting, storylines, and more as Tony and Ziva return to the spotlight!

Tony & Ziva NCIS Spinoff Filming Has Already Begun

Exciting news for NCIS fans! Michael Weatherly’s Instagram post announced that filming for the Tony and Ziva spinoff had begun in Europe. The production is in Swiss time, alluding it a possible Swiss setting. Stay tuned for additional information on this highly anticipated show! 🎬

NCIS Spinoff: Tony & Ziva – CAST

Excitement is building as famous NCIS stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reprise their legendary roles as Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in an exciting spinoff! The story is set in Europe and chronicles the adventures of the dynamic partnership, who are now parents to daughter Tali. While the remainder of the cast remains unknown, fans are eagerly anticipating this new chapter in the NCIS universe!

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