NCIS: The Real Reason Why Pauley Perrette Left The Show


It may have been a while since Pauley Perrette (who played lab geek Abby Sciuto) left NCIS, but we’re still not over it! So just why did Pauley Perrette leave NCIS? Ahead of NCIS season 18, we’re looking back at Pauley’s time on the show, and the real reason she left Abby’s lab coat behind.

After years of being the glue that help the NCIS cast together, and under the mentorship of Gibbs, Abby became a fan favorite. But she didn’t only have drama with Mark Harmon – Pauley also had beef with Cote de Pablo. So, what was happening behind the scenes of the US Navy procedural?

Since leaving NCIS, the actress once again joined CBS for a new show called Broke, but it was cancelled after one season, so she’s officially entering retirement and saying goodbye to Hollywood!

But what does retirement mean for the former NCIS actor? Some pretty big entertainment news! It turns out, being a musician and writing. Yep, Pauley has released a new track called Spin Out, and is on her way to become an author!

Source: YouTube OSSA Channel

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