NCIS: The Absence of Ducky Will Inevitably Change the Show

The Medical Examiner originally debuted in season 1 of the show, playing a significant role in the weekly cases that the team would face.

Ducky hasn’t appeared as much as he used to, while remaining a series regular on the show. Even having a smaller role, his influence on the show was always strong, as he reflected the series’ origins with his continuing participation.

The finale of NCIS season 21, episode 1 foreshadowed the forthcoming episode, and a trailer hinted at Gibbs and DiNozzo momentarily reuniting for a flashback scenario.

Given how close everyone on the team was to Ducky – and how close they were to McCallum before his death – it would be natural for previous characters to return in this particular episode.

However, Jimmy was a figure that worked with Ducky for a long time, which explains why he would play an essential role in the episode.

So far, the episode appears to be an emotional entry in which the entire crew grieves for their loss. While it will be sad in the context of NCIS, it will also be a fitting tribute to McCallum’s work on the program.

More information regarding the show appears to be limited until its February 19 premiere on CBS.

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  1. N is is my favorite show and has been for years. Once Gibbs left and now Ducky makes me wonder if the show will ever be the same again. Condolences to ducky’s family and a hello to Gibbs.

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