NCIS Sydney Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot: When will the First Episode of NCIS Sydney Air..?

NCIS SYDNEY has been announced as the franchise’s next spin-off, but when will the new drama debut..?

NCIS has been on CBS for nearly two decades after beginning as a JAG spin-off. Nearly two decades later, the CBS universe has grown with the addition of NCIS Los Angeles, the recently canceled NCIS New Orleans, and NCIS Hawaii. The network’s parent company, ViacomCBS, isn’t done yet, as it has been revealed that another drama is on the way. Here’s everything you need to know about NCIS Sydney so far.

When will NCIS Sydney be released..?

On Tuesday, February 15, ViacomCBS made the big announcement about a fourth NCIS spin-off.

Because the big reveal has only just happened, it is still very early days for NCIS Sydney, so no official release date has been announced.

However, the new drama’s release date has been set for 2023, so filming could begin later this year, according to Deadline.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to meet the newest NCIS team.

NCIS Sydney, unlike the rest of the franchise, will not air on CBS.

As one of its first original shows, the drama is being developed specifically for Paramount+ Australia.

This is the first time a global franchise from CBS Studios will get its own spin-off.

However, if the drama is well received by viewers in Australia, NCIS Sydney may be aired in other territories at a later date.

When more information becomes available, will update this article.

Who will be in the NCIS Sydney cast..?

There have been no casting announcements for NCIS Sydney as of yet.

Because it is still early in the game, the drama is most likely still in the planning stages.

The show will be filmed in Sydney, so it is expected to feature Australian actors, but it has not been announced whether the show is looking for new or existing talent.

NCIS Hawaii was the most recent spin-off to be added to the franchise, with Vanessa Lachey as Agent Jane Tennant leading the way.

Perhaps, as the show’s creators have recently welcomed an already familiar face to the NCIS universe, they will do the same for NCIS Sydney.

Is a trailer for NCIS Sydney available..?

No, there isn’t a trailer for NCIS Sydney yet.

The announcement was only recently made, and with no casting news, it is assumed that filming has yet to begin.

Trailers are typically released up to one month before the premiere of a show, and this will most likely be the case again.

Because NCIS Sydney is set to premiere in 2023, fans can expect a teaser to be released sometime next year.

What will the plot of NCIS Sydney be..?

NCIS Sydney, like the rest of the franchise, is expected to follow a team of agents for the Naval Cr1m1nal Investigative Service.

Each episode will focus on a different investigation, giving fans the opportunity to get to know each member.

There has been no word on what some of the plots will be, but the drama will include some Australian stories.

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