NCIS: Sydney Is Confirmed, So Lock Up Your Eshay Brothers and Prepare

Buckle your utility belt and start blasting the Village People’s ‘In The Navy,’ because NCIS: Sydney is coming to our screens very soon, and it’s the most exciting thing to come our way since that time Zac Efron dropped by to flirt with our baristas. This excites me to no end. We need Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs RIGHT NOW!

Yes, people, NCIS: Sydney is a real thing that is happening. It’s also the first time NCIS has gone international, as the show usually focuses on American cities like New Orleans and Los Angeles.

So far, all we know about the show is that it will air on Channel Ten sometime next year, as well as on Paramount+ for our international friends and those of us in Australia who like to pay for free content.

Production will begin at the end of this year, with a slew of Aussie actors, writers, and producers on board, which has my TV-watching eye twitching with anticipation.

The show is also rumored to include a slew of local stories centered on Sydney Harbour and its surrounding areas, which is kind of obvious given that it’s about naval cr1me, but it’s still reassuring to hear.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Shane Brennan, the Australian who created NCIS: Los Angeles and was an executive producer on NCIS, will be returning for NCIS: Sydney. It makes sense; he’s a super talented Aussie; let him work his magic in his homeland! There are numerous local stories to be told around here.

Along with the random news that NCIS: Sydney is returning, there was a slew of hot memes from people who spend their days on Twitter making jokes out of news stories. I’m truly envious of how quickly they come up with these gems.

Here are some fantastic NCIS: Sydney memes for your enjoyment:

This next tweet perfectly expressed my feelings when I first learned about NCIS: Sydney. There are too many s’s. It doesn’t sound natural.

Please give me all of the Double Bay drama. Why are wealthy people committing cr1mes on the water? Sounds like something I’d happily eat while eating dinner.

To be honest, NCIS has always been about villainizing brown people, so I’m a little concerned about how this will play out. Watch out, Western Sydney.

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