‘NCIS: Sydney’ Achieves Record-Breaking Viewership on Paramount Streaming

‘NCIS: Sydney’ has continued the franchise’s enduring success, Deadline reports that breaking all streaming records for Paramount+ just three days after its November 17 premiere. The show has become the platform’s most-watched CBS premiere.

In a positive turn, “NCIS: Sydney” drew a total of 10 million viewers across Paramount+ and its initial CBS broadcast, a significant increase from the 5.48 million viewers who watched the CBS broadcast alone.

“NCIS: Sydney” is holding its own in viewership alongside other “NCIS” spin-offs. “NCIS: Hawai’i” typically reaches five million viewers during regular broadcasts, while the original “NCIS” consistently attracts close to seven million viewers, not accounting for Paramount+ streams or other viewing methods.

Despite the recent cancellation of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” the franchise continues to thrive, with “NCIS: Sydney” proving to be a success not just domestically but also beyond American airwaves.

NCIS: Sydney is also well-known in Australia itself

“NCIS: Sydney” has become the most-watched Australian-produced show on Paramount+ in both the United States and Australia.

This success is significant for CBS because it is the first time the “NCIS” concept has gone international, sparking interest in potential future shows set in various global cities within the franchise.

“NCIS: Sydney” stands out due to its unique approach, as shared by series creator Morgan O’Neill. The show features a blended unit of Australian and American agents, creating a global family that works together.

O’Neill emphasized that the series sets itself apart by showcasing the creation of the unit from the ground up, a departure from the typical “NCIS” franchise format where teams are already formed and everyone is acquainted from the start.

“NCIS: Sydney” is clearly off to a fast start. The only question is whether it can maintain its momentum.

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