NCIS Stars From 4 Different Versions Unite For A Monumental Crossover Amidst Actor Strike


During the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors strike, NCIS stars from four different iterations convene for an epic crossover encounter.

As SAG-AFTRA actors continue to strike, NCIS stars from four different programs have gathered for an unprecedented crossover gathering. The Hollywood actors’ strike has been in effect for 20 days, with actors fighting for more compensation, streaming residuals, and industry regulation of AI. Actors from both television and film have united on the picket line to push for a better contract with studios that are members of the AMPTP.

During the actors’ strike, Daniela Ruah posted a series of photographs to Instagram portraying stars from four iterations of NCIS joining forces in an epic crossover encounter. Take a look at them below:

Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye on NCIS: Los Angeles, was joined by NCIS stars Brian Dietzen, Scott Bakula, and Kian Talan, among others. Their unity demonstrates that everyone involved in the NCIS franchise is equally committed to fighting for actors’ fair compensation and treatment.

The Effects of the Actors’ Strike on the NCIS Franchise

While the NCIS season 20 finale aired in May, the CBS drama will not return for season 21 due to ongoing actor and writer strikes. The NCIS franchise stars, in particular, are unable to collaborate on any projects or discuss future plans for the series with media outlets due to the actors’ strike. This means that the air dates for NCIS season 21 and NCIS: Hawaii season 3 are unlikely to be announced until the dual strikes are over.

Despite the fact that NCIS: New Orleans ended in 2021 and NCIS: Los Angeles ended this past May, the series’ actors reunited with other franchise stars on the picket line during the actors’ strike. This highlights the solidarity of SAG-AFTRA actors with their colleagues, even if they are no longer leading series in the NCIS universe. It also demonstrates how much the NCIS cast is supporting one another during the strike and subsequent shutdown of production for the franchise.

While both actors and writers remain on strike at the picket lines, the AMPTP intends to engage with the WGA on Friday, indicating that the writers’ strike may soon be over. While performers from the NCIS franchise have joined the walkout, it is unclear when SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP will meet to negotiate a reasonable contract.

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