NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama Bragging for Popularity Saving the Show, ‘Competitive’ Behind the Scenes With Costar Sean Murray

NCIS fans are already anticipating Season 21, and Wilmer Valderrama’s return as tough-as-nails Special Agent Nick Torres in the cr1me drama series won’t be long.

A TV insider revealed to that there is some behind-the-scenes tension brewing as a result of Valderamma taking credit for the show’s renewal.

Following Mark Harmon’s departure, the ’70s Show heartthrob has seen beefed-up storylines, including a nail-biting cliffhanger after his character went undercover in jail to seek answers about a rumored Russian t3rr0rist att4ck.

It’s been reported that the arrogant screen stud and costar Sean Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee, have a quiet rivalry.

“They may be playing buddy-buddy in the show promos, but they have to do that,” an insider explained. “They’re still as competitive as they ever were – maybe even more so now that Wilmer’s got it in his head that fans love him more!”

Wilderamma, according to the tip, knows what he brings to the show and is eager to get his money’s worth. “He’s throwing his weight around even more – and demanding extra perks for next season.” It was mentioned that “Sean’s popular, too, and he gets top billing.”

Meanwhile, another source disputed the claims about Valderrama, calling the costar rivalry rumors into question and claiming that he is largely responsible for the show’s success.

Fans were previously informed that another season would begin in February. An action-packed clip was shared at the time, teasing more jaw-dropping moments to come.

“BIG NEWS: Get ready to grab your gear because we have more work to do.” Season 21 of #NCIS has been officially renewed! “See you there,” it said.

After last season’s twist involving Torres, theories have already run rampant. “I’m guessing it’s an ex-boyfriend of their mom who stole mom’s life savings and fled,” one Reddit user speculated. “I’m assuming he’s still running the same sting with the kid’s mother as well.” But Nick had to have done something more serious than that to want to k1ll him.”

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  1. I have always liked Torres a lot but I don’t like somebody bragging about such a thing as that or anything for that matter. The whole cast is important in their own role but there would be no NCIS coming back without Mark Harmon. He’s the reason for the show Being so successful. If anyone gets credit it’s him ‼️🤗‼️

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