‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly Opens Up About Mark Harmon ‘Was Perplexed By My Presence From The Start’


For well over a decade, Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon shared the screen as stars of the popular show NCIS. However, their working relationship was not always smooth, especially at first.

Weatherly discussed their clashing dynamic in a resurfaced interview from 2020. While the NCIS star joked about how he and Harmon didn’t get along, his remarks may jeopardize his return to the cr1me drama.

‘NCIS’ star Michael Weatherly admits he didn’t get along with Mark Harmon at first.

Weatherly and Harmon teamed up at the start of NCIS and went on to become pivotal characters throughout the series. However, their points of view did not always coincide, resulting in some early disagreements between the co-stars.

Weatherly discussed their relationship in an interview with The Futon Critic. He explained that they approached the show from different perspectives, emphasizing the contrast.

During the interview, Weatherly made a lighthearted comparison of their differences. He described their polar opposite natures, comparing himself to Antarctica and Harmon to the North Pole, jokingly emphasizing their opposing “polarities.”


“Mark Harmon and I were on opposing sides. I was Antarctica, he was the North Pole, and we were just looking down there, wondering, ‘What’s up with your polarity? “What exactly is going on?” Weatherly revealed. “And he was perplexed by my presence from the start.”

Weatherly conducted the interview after he had left NCIS. With the actor preparing to return to the hit show in the near future, his remarks about Harmon could backfire on him.

Michael Weatherly’s comments could jeopardize his return to ‘NCIS.’

Weatherly has reportedly expressed interest in returning to NCIS. Insiders say his chances are hampered by his arrogant demeanor and disparaging remarks about Harmon.

Weatherly has been eager to return to NCIS, according to sources, since the conclusion of his legal drama Bull. The only problem is that Weatherly’s remarks have harmed his prospects, especially given Harmon’s role in making NCIS a huge success.

“Mark’s a legend, and people don’t like Michael talking trash about him,” the source explained. “Michael comes across as an immature a** who is also jealous.”

Weatherly’s return was approved by producers prior to his comments about Harmon, according to the source. To make matters even more complicated, Harmon announced his departure from the show in 2021.

NCIS producers have reportedly been in talks to bring Weatherly back, despite Harmon’s retirement. Of course, this could change if Harmon decides to return to the popular show.

The ‘Bull’ star admits that he now understands Mark Harmon’s viewpoint.

Weatherly’s perspective shifted significantly after taking on the lead role in Bull. He openly expressed his newfound appreciation for Harmon’s approach to the show, admitting that the experience had been truly transformative.

“It’s been very illuminating and has given me a great deal of insight and regard for what Mark Harmon was doing all those years,” Weatherly said.

Weatherly left NCIS in 2015 to begin his journey with Bull. Fans are curious about his return now that the show has concluded.

Weatherly has been candid about the possibility of reprising his role as Tony DiNozzo. Despite his obvious desire to return to the show that made him famous, producers have yet to comment on the reports.

If Weatherly were to return to NCIS, it’s unlikely that he’d share any scenes with Harmon. At least until Harmon decides to leave retirement and return as Gibbs.

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