NCIS star Michael Weatherly keeps teasing a ‘Ziva and Tony’ reunion


Michael Weatherly’s long-running role as Agent Tony DiNozzo on NCIS ended in 2016, but he didn’t stay away from television for long. He quickly rose to prominence as the lead in the CBS drama Bull, which aired for several years. Fans are clamoring for Weatherly’s return now that Bull has ended, and recent Twitter posts by Weatherly suggest they may get their wish sooner than they thought.

Along with Weatherly’s possible return to the epic cr1me drama, the actor continues to tease NCIS fans with the possibility of a Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony reunion.

Michael Weatherly has previously hinted at a ‘NCIS’ reunion.

On NCIS, Michael Weatherly said goodbye to his iconic character Tony DiNozzo in 2016. However, the actor’s absence from television was brief, as he quickly took the lead in Bull. In 2023, Weatherly has announced that his time as Dr. Jason Bull has come to an end, sparking speculation that he might return to the role that made him famous on NCIS.

Weatherly’s return to NCIS has yet to be confirmed by both the actor and CBS, but fans who follow the actor on social media have had their suspicions for some time.

Weatherly announced on Twitter that he is ready to “pursue new creative challenges,” sparking speculation that his return to NCIS is already in the works.

“Good day, everyone! “It’s been an honor to play Dr. Jason Bull, but after six seasons of incredible storylines, I’ve decided it’s time to pursue new creative challenges and bring his story to a close,” he wrote.

Weatherly has continued to mention his former co-stars on social media since leaving NCIS. This includes posting behind-the-scenes photos from the cr1me drama, as well as photos of himself and his former co-star, Mark Harmon.

Michael Weatherly reveals that he is already hard at work on a new project…and fans believe he’ll be back on ‘NCIS’

Weatherly took to social media once more to reveal that he has been hard at work on a secret project in Los Angeles. The NCIS alum didn’t provide many details, but fans are convinced he’ll return to the show.

“I’m back in NYC after a whirlwind few days in LA,” he tweeted. “I’m happy to report that a lot of interesting things are happening at work… “Watch this space!”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the actor holding a red sign that read, “Sensitive surface, proceed with caution.” This could be a hint about his new role, but fans assumed he was returning to NCIS.

Weatherly’s return to the field would undoubtedly please fans. Aside from reprising his role as Agent DiNozzo, fans are hoping for an on-screen reunion with Cote de Pablo’s Agent Ziva David.

What about Tony and Ziva’s rumored spinoff?

Aside from Weatherly’s return to NCIS, there has been much speculation about him starring in a spinoff with de Pablo. CBS has yet to confirm that such a project is in the works, but given the characters’ popularity, it’s entirely possible.

CBS recently canceled NCIS: Los Angeles, which could pave the way for a new spinoff. After all, this isn’t the first time the network has canceled a spinoff and then quickly launched another.

NCIS fans will have to cross their fingers that Ziva and Tony will reunite on the hit cr1me drama in the near future until something official is announced.

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