NCIS star Gary Cole Reveals How He TRULY Feels About Replacing Mark Harmon

In a huge change for the long-running police procedural drama NCIS, Mark Harmon, who played Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, will be replaced by Gary Cole, renowned for his role in Entourage.

As fans await the change, Cole discusses his approach to the famous character.

As NCIS Season 19 unfolds on CBS, the announcement of Gary Cole as the new lead raises questions about the future direction of the show. While the official renewal for Season 20 is pending, the series’ popularity suggests a mere formality, with expectations of a return around September.

Excitement among UK viewers builds when it is reported that NCIS will move to Disney Plus in the future year.

Cole’s Take on Replacing Harmon

Gary Cole, recently named as Harmon’s successor, emphasizes that he’s not there to mimic Harmon’s portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Cole, set to play former FBI agent Alden Parker, assures fans that he aims to make the character his own.

Having experience in recurring roles, Cole expresses his commitment to becoming comfortable with the character, emphasizing he is not trying to replicate Gibbs.

Parker’s takeover follows Gibbs’ retirement to Alaska, and Cole emphasizes his wish for Parker to be recognized as a separate figure. Cole explains that Parker, unlike Gibbs, prefers to bend rules rather than break them. This distinction paves the way for a new approach to cr1minal solving that incorporates technology.

Cole’s Career and Previous Roles

Gary Cole’s vast career, which dates back to the early 1980s, includes important appearances in film and television. Cole’s flexibility is seen in his early uncredited appearances as well as his portrayal of the sadistic office manager in the cult classic “Office Space.”

He thinks on the film’s long-lasting impact and recalls fans echoing lines, demonstrating its success.

His varied career also includes roles in family-friendly films like “The Brady Bunch Movie” and appearances in TV shows such as “Desperate Housewives,” “Entourage,” and “Veep.” With his wealth of experience, Cole brings a seasoned presence to the lead role in NCIS.

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  1. personnellement je préfere Gibbs ,et sont café. Parker c est un patissier , toute tourne au tour de la patisserie, ou du pain. avec Gibbs oui c est le café, mais un café renversé par un acteur , les expressions de Gibbs sont formidable,avec Parker ils mange le pain “oui c est bon “et c a reste la, avec Gibbs l acteur qui a fait l erreur il vas tout faire pour réparer son erreure

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