NCIS star Alden Parker is Demoted as Director Vance Delivers Terrifying News in the Promo


When director Leon Vance forces Alden Parker to take time off, his cr1m1nal past may once again jeopardize his career with the NCIS.

Following the departure of Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) in 2021, NCIS has entered a new era, with new team leader Alden Parker (Gary Cole) leading the action-packed series for the past two seasons.

The CBS drama may already be looking for a new lead, as a new promo for next week’s episode reveals the senior agent will be taking a back seat to their next investigation.

Parker’s time on the NCIS may be coming to an end as a result of Director Leon Vance’s temporary suspension (Rocky Carroll).

The show’s 20th season returned to full swing last week after a brief hiatus, with the agents teaming up with a famous actress played by guest star Tania Raymonde.

The series continues next Monday with Old Wounds, which may shed more light on Parker’s troubled but shadowy past prior to joining the FBI.

“Parker grapples with his emotions when a con man from his past turns up as a prime suspect in the murd3r of a navy officer,” according to the episode’s official synopsis.

Meanwhile, a recently released promotional trailer has given viewers a taste of what to expect from the latest case on NCIS.

Parker, Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), and Nicolas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) begin the trailer by surveying a massive drug bust.

“Three opioid crates. “A street value of three,” Parker tells his agents.

Dr. Palmer is taken aback and confirms “Million?” Parker nods.

It’s unclear how the drugs bust will be linked to the murd3r investigation, but the two investigations could unearth more dirt from the team leader’s past.

Later, the team is investigating their prime suspect, Benny, who is visible on the screens at NCIS headquarters.


Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Benny is presumably the con man and possibly a former Parker friend mentioned in the episode synopsis.

Parker is clearly too close to the case for Vance to handle it personally, so he’s parked for the time being.

“Nothing to worry about on my end,” he assures the agents before Vance makes a sh0cking announcement.

“Not anymore, you’re benched,” he says, looking over his shoulder at Timothy McGee (Sean Murray).

Parker, clearly taken aback by the ultimatum, exclaims, “What?” at his boss.

While last week’s mission to find a cold-blooded serial k1ller was intense, there was no indication that Vance was unhappy with Parker’s performance in the field.

In fact, at the eleventh hour, he managed to save the k1ller’s next intended v1ctims’ lives.

However, when the agents discovered that the team’s new boss had spent time in juvenile detention, suspicions were raised.

Hopefully, his cr1m1nal past is behind him, but could Bobby’s return reveal more of Parker’s hidden dark side?

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  1. I personally like Parker as the head guy. He has some good qualities that Mark Harmon did not have. It is good for a change.

  2. I would like mark Harmon to come back. The show has never been as good with him gone. NCIS has been my favorite show on tv for years. I watch the reruns constantly. Please bring him back.

    • The show is showing a progression, a time line. It does not stop moving. People retire or quit jobs. Gibbs at his age would be forced to retire in real life. The show is NOT called the Jethro Gibbs Hour.

  3. They really messed up the series with getting rid of Ziva, Tony, Abbey and Gibbs. I quit watching it and so has many of my friends.

  4. We would all love to have Gibbs back and as for Abby I don’t want her back I like cassie better I like parker too.I would like to see tony come back but not Ziva Also would loveEllie come back The show will not be the same with out Ducky this character will be dearly missed by his fans and co workers

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