NCIS spoilers reveal that Ziva David is not the only character who will return for the finale

NCIS spoilers reveal that the show’s fall finale will feature more than just Ziva David. Another actor from the past will also reappear on CBS during a dramatic two-part event.

It’s no secret that actress Cote de Pablo will return for the NCIS fall finale, where the team will assist Ziva in resolving an issue that stands between her and a reunion with her family.

The network has done an excellent job of keeping most details about the upcoming episode under wraps, but another major tidbit was revealed based on who else will be appearing on the December 17 episode.

Damon Dayoub guest stars as Adam Eshel

New NCIS viewers may not recognize Adam Eshel from the show. He hasn’t appeared on an episode in a long time, owing to his relationship with Ziva. Without her on the show, there was little incentive for the writers to bring back his character. They now have a reason.

Damon Dayoub played Adam in the show’s Season 10 and Season 11 episodes. To put that in context, more than 100 new episodes have aired since he was last seen. However, that will come to an end with the fall finale.

Adam first appeared on the show while Ziva and Tony DiNozzo (both played by Michael Weatherly) were on the hunt for antagonist Ilan Bodner. He is introduced as a contact for Ziva, but she later reveals that they slept together while she was at home mourning her father’s d3ath.

When Ziva goes missing, Tony enlists Adam’s assistance in tracking her down. Adam relays a lot of information to Tony, including Ziva’s most recent locations.

When he leaves the investigation, that was the last time NCIS viewers saw him or Ziva until the Season 16 finale, when Ziva appeared in Gibb’s (Mark Harmon) basement.

Adam and Ziva will now appear in the same episode, The North Pole. Fans will not want to miss Season 17, Episode 10, because it will be the final new episode until NCIS returns in January 2020.

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