‘NCIS Show’ Did Something That Never Done Before in ’20 Seasons’

In 20 seasons, NCIS has seen pretty much everything, but ‘The Good Fighter’ offered a plot concept that the CBS series has never used before.

Over the course of over 450 episodes, NCIS has done pretty about everything. The ensemble of the CBS drama has always lived up to expectations, and the stories leave fans wanting more.

With one notable exception, the writers of NCIS have kept things fresh and fascinating despite the inevitable overlap between old and new stories after so many hours of TV.

Season 20 saw the series move on from Jethro Gibbs by breaching his principles, setting up a difficult period for Nick Torres, and showing Leon Vance overseas.

NCIS has also identified Timothy McGee as a possible replacement for Vance if he leaves. “The Good Fighter” (Season 20, Episode 6) followed that forward-thinking trend by trying something new for NCIS. Kasie Hines was placed undercover within NCIS’ own building.

NCIS portrayed Kasie as both a v1ctim and a suspect.

Over the course of NCIS’s history, there have been a number of covert operations. Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, to name a few, went undercover as married assassins in Season 3.

Torres and Ellie Bishop went undercover as a cr1minal couple in Season 12 to bring down a narcotics gang. Best of all, in Season 12, Gibbs pretended to be an IT technician, leaving the rest of the staff on pins and needles as he comically feigned to be tech-savvy.

“The Good Fighter” begins with Kasie in a fighting gym, where her trainer tells her she must quit hesitating.

She was accosted in the parking lot by an unknown male, and viewers assumed she had been kidnapped when she didn’t show up to work the next morning. Kasie had requested a personal day, which was not the case.

However, things became much worse when her fingerprints were discovered on the laptop of the episode’s murd3r v1ctim.

Kasie Hines discovered the Mole at NCIS.

Kasie denied any involvement in the murd3r, but insisted on being questioned in the interrogation room, only to turn the tables and begin questioning herself. “The Good Fighter” reported that she had been hired by the Defense Cr1minal Investigative Service to conduct an investigation against NCIS. She wanted McGee and Alden Parker to be alone in the room so no one could overhear them. All of the members of the major case response team were cleared after her inquiries, and they were permitted to continue with their murd3r investigation. Kasie also assisted by climbing through an air vent into a secure server room at a corporation.

Kasie had several traumatic experiences shortly before Gibbs left that she struggled to cope with. She was reclaiming control of her life by joining a gym. Seeing her on a lone undercover operation was a huge step forward for her character, especially because she was looking into her pals. She discovered that the mole was her DCIS handler and arrested her before the rest of the NCIS squad arrived. Kasie demonstrated that she could be an excellent field agent if she so desired, while also providing NCIS with their first experience with someone going undercover against their own team.

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  1. I want Tony and Ziva back, even if it’s not the actual NCIS show, they could also be a short of spin off comedy show, Private Investigaters, or something like Hart To Hart.
    Micheal and Cote make great TV together. Some actors have a real believe ability to their acting, they make the viewer’s feel that they’re right in the TV with them and thats what you believe… sadly many don’t have it at all. Please get them back to regular TV….
    they are MAGIC TOGETHER ❤️ ✨️

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