NCIS Season 21 Will Not Include Any Original Cast Members

Ducky is the last original cast member to quit NCIS.

When NCIS season 21 debuts, it will be the show’s first season without any original cast members. When the show premiered in 2003, it featured five primary characters: Harmon’s Gibbs, Sasha Alexander’s Caitlin Todd, Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo, Pauley Perrett’s Abby Sciuto, and David McCallum’s Ducky Mallard.

All of them have left the program at various stages over its 20-year existence, beginning with Alexander in season 3, Weatherly in season 13, and Perrette in season 15.

Harmon’s Gibbs’ retirement in NCIS season 19 marks the show’s latest departure until McCallum’s death in 2023.

Ducky subsequently shifted from being the team’s principal medical examiner to NCIS’ historian to reduce McCallum’s workload, but he was still considered a cast member in season 20.

Meanwhile, Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee, who is still on the new team, made his debut in season 1.

McGee, on the other hand, was not a member of the show’s initial core ensemble; Murray played a recurring role throughout the first year of production.

He was not upgraded to a series regular until his sophomore year, when he joined Gibbs’ team on probation.

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