NCIS Season 21 Will Not Air on CBS in 2023


Amidst the ongoing Writer’s Guild Association strike, uncertainty looms over the futures of beloved TV shows.

As the weeks pass without a resolution, the Screen Actors Guild has also joined the strike, effectively bringing production to a standstill for union members. This situation has raised concerns about the fate of popular series like NCIS season 21.

Fans are anxiously awaiting any updates, but the lack of progress in negotiations is leaving everyone in suspense about when their favorite shows will resume production and return to the screen.

We do know that NCIS was planned to return to CBS for season 21 with performers returning for what would undoubtedly be an entertaining season.

We’ve been anticipating what would happen when the program returned in the autumn since it ended on a cliffhanger involving Nick Torres.

However, with the current strike continuing throughout the summer, it appears like NCIS season 21 will not be released in 2023.

When will new episodes of NCIS air?

This means that NCIS will most likely premiere in 2024, depending on when the strike is settled.

To coincide with the start of the autumn television season, the CBS autumn schedule 2023 initially showed NCIS airing in its regular Monday evening time slot.

However, depending on how the strike plays out, the debut will most likely be delayed until at least January 2024.


Even if the strike ended sooner rather than later, writing and production must be completed before filming can begin. So, 2024 is a safe bet for fresh episodes to return to the screen.

With the addition of more famous players joining the strike, maybe a compromise will be reached that is advantageous to all sides. In the interim, we can watch previous episodes of our series on streaming services.

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