NCIS Season 21 Showrunners Tease Wild Parker Story: Gibbs as the Father Figure, Parker as the Eccentric Uncle


Prepare for chuckles when NCIS switches things up in the upcoming season! Showrunners David North and Steven D. Binder are revealing a bizarre backstory for Agent Alden Parker. Parker is set to take center stage in a comic rollercoaster trip, from team leadership to unexpected surgical procedures. With Gibbs as the father figure and Parker as the wild uncle, season 21 promises to be nonstop entertaining!” Check out what the show’s production team had to say:

David North: [Parker] may need to do a surgery.

Steven D. Binder: Gary Cole is a really funny actor, and he hasn’t had many opportunity to showcase his comedic abilities [on NCIS], so we’re hoping to achieve that.

David North: [Producer Mark Horowitz stated] Gibbs is the team’s father figure, but Parker is the crazy uncle, so we want to give Gary room to grow.

NCIS’s Parker Takes The Lead Role with Humorous Twist

In the latest season of NCIS, Parker has stepped up as the team leader, bringing a fresh perspective to the cast. Despite a rocky start where he was framed for murd3r, Parker has proven his worth and now faces deeper character exploration in Season 21.

Showrunners North and Binder aim to showcase Parker’s comedic side, revealing his ability to handle leadership while navigating humorously stressful situations. This shift not only adds depth to his character but also solidifies his place as a worthy successor to Gibbs.

With the show’s ongoing success, Parker’s leadership is set to continue, making a comedy-centric episode the perfect opportunity to highlight his growth compared to past leaders. As fans anticipate Season 22, Parker’s development promises exciting twists in the episodes to come.

Source: TVLine

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  1. The show goes on as does life until they don’t‼️ We just have to find the pleasure joy as long as it does however it goes. Those of us who love Gibbs will continue to love him and we will accept his decision whatever he does and move on with a show❤️

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