NCIS Fans Spot Sweet McGee Nods at Gibbs as Show Confronts Requests to Bring Old Boss Back


NCIS fans were given to a sweet reference to former lead character Gibbs in the most recent episode of the long-running CBS series. In episode nine of season 20, Timothy McGee pays respect to his mentor by reviving his writing passion, citing Gibbs in the process.

McGee’s mention of “Agent Tibbs” sparks intrigue among the crew, leading to some playful banter about introducing new characters. However, McGee’s struggles with his novel hint at the lingering impact of Gibbs’ absence.

Delilah, McGee’s wife, offers support, emphasizing that McGee’s talent shines independently of Gibbs. Ultimately, McGee finds inspiration in creating a new character, signaling his acceptance of Gibbs’ departure.

Despite the emotional scene, fans express their desire for Gibbs to return, underlining his character’s lasting importance on the program.

In the midst of speculation, spectators anxiously await future events in McGee’s journey as he embarks on a new professional and personal chapter.

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