NCIS Season 21: Is Emily Wickersham Returning as Eleanor Bishop?


NCIS fans are eagerly awaiting Season 21, hoping to see the return of beloved character Eleanor Bishop, portrayed by Emily Wickersham. While her departure was initially permanent, creative solutions might pave the way for her comeback. With Hollywood strikes delaying production, the suspense grows. Stay tuned for updates on Bishop’s potential return to the NCIS team!

Eleanor Bishop Could Return in NCIS Season 21.

Emily Wickersham is unlikely to return to the series. She was ready to move on from the series, but it’s clear that she hasn’t done so permanently. If she had, she could have asked to be k1lled off the show.

Bishop’s exit was planned in such a way that she could return. She staged her dismissal from NCIS in order to work undercover with Odette, Ziva’s former handler. This occurred without her informing anyone, including Torres, who had a love-hate relationship with Bishop.

With Torres’ current situation, it’s possible that Bishop will return. Torres was last seen threatening to k1ll a man. The two clearly have a history, but will Torres go through with it?

Is it possible that Bishop will intervene at the last minute to prevent Torres from doing something irreversible? Will she find a way to assist Torres in exacting his revenge?

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