NCIS Season 21: Ducky Tribute Episode Trailer Features ‘Gibbs’ and ‘DiNozzo’


A fresh new NCIS season 21, episode 2 trailer promises Ducky’s emotional tribute episode, which surprisingly stars Gibbs and DiNozzo prominently.

The new teaser for Ducky Mallard’s NCIS season 21 tribute episode stars Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony DiNozzo.

Following a riveting opener that dealt with Nick Torres’ case, NCIS season 21 ended on a cliffhanger, setting the stage for possibly the most heartbreaking episode of the season.

In the wake of David McCallum’s passing, the long-running police procedural is honoring both the actor and his beloved medical examiner-turned-NCIS historian.

The new trailer for NCIS season 21 episode 2, “The Stories We Leave Behind,” addresses Ducky’s death, but it also prominently depicts both Gibbs and DiNozzo in flashbacks. Brian Dietzen, a cast member, provided the following Instagram video:

In the video, Jimmy Palmer walks into Ducky’s residence with coffee and is surprised to discover him deceased on his bed, most likely having died in his sleep.

The following frames show Tim McGee staring at an old photo of himself, Ducky, and Gibbs, as the rest of the current squad debates how best to memorialize Ducky. Surprisingly, the NCIS season 21 episode 2 trailer includes a flashback featuring Gibbs and DiNozzo.


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  1. Very touching and well done tribute. I’m sure David McCallum would be pleased with the episodes grace and dignity. I have to say, I was very disappointed that Mark Harmon did not appear in person. After all the years of being together on the show, it is sad he didn’t think it fitting for him to appear.

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