NCIS Season 21 Cast: Is Wilmer Valderrama’s Torres Returning?

NCIS Season 21 premieres on CBS in the television year 2023-2024.

The long-running drama performed admirably on Monday nights, establishing itself as one of the most popular scripted shows on television.

Among the speculation about the show’s renewal, there have been rumors about the NCIS cast.

Many changes have occurred over the years, and fans are no longer surprised to see new faces.

One rumored change is that star Wilmer Valderrama will be replaced.

Wilmer plays Agent Nick Torres, who appears as a stand-in for Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

Wilmer is involved in a number of projects outside of NCIS. This includes playing Zorro in an updated version.

Will his schedule allow him to continue his role on NCIS?

Is Wilmer Valderrama hinting at an NCIS Season 21 return?

Wilmer thanks the fans for tuning in for over two decades in a video shared on social media.

He then expresses his excitement for NCIS Season 21 and states that new episodes will be available soon.

Before the video ends, Wilmer declares that the new season is “going to be a good one.”

Despite the fact that he has not announced whether he will return or leave the NCIS cast, this video strongly suggests that he is ready to film new episodes.

NCIS Season 21 has been rescheduled.

The ongoing Writers Strike may cause a significant delay in the start of the new season.

There can be no work on NCIS Season 21 while the writers are on strike.

It means that NCIS may not return in September and may be pushed back several months in the CBS schedule.

CBS has already begun scheduling many reality television shows for the fall to prepare for the possibility of extended delays.

This fall, a new season of Survivor will air on Wednesday nights, with the network giving it a 90-minute primetime slot.

CBS has just released a Survivor 45 teaser trailer to promote the upcoming season, giving fans a first look at the new cast.

In terms of the new cast, here is a leaked Survivor 45 cast list with bios for the new castaways.

While everyone waits for new seasons of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i, fans can watch previous episodes on Paramount+.

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