NCIS Season 21: Brian Dietzen Drops Hint About Ducky Tribute After David McCallum’s Passing


The 2023-24 television season will get a late start, but it is already started because the SAG-AFTRA strike concluded. Fans of “NCIS,” which premieres Season 21 on February 12, will be pleased to hear that actors will soon be able to resume filming.

Unfortunately, the cast will be without one member, since David McCallum, who has played Ducky since the beginning, died on September 25.

Despite David McCallum’s passing, ‘NCIS’ isn’t ready to let go just yet. Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer, hinted at a tribute for the prolific actor. In a celebratory post about the SAG-AFTRA strike ending, Dietzen assured fans that there would be a tribute, though details remain undisclosed.

Speculation suggests an episode dedicated to McCallum, potentially addressing Ducky’s absence and promising an emotional moment for viewers.

Fans Believe Some Former NCIS Cast Members Should Return for a Ducky Homage.

Given that David McCallum died, it stands to reason that Ducky would also die in the “NCIS” world. It may lead to some touching scenes in which characters reminisce on what Ducky meant to them all, which would also allow the actors to grieve McCallum’s loss together.

Some “NCIS” fans have their own views about how significant such a moment may be, especially if the show can reintroduce some familiar characters.

X user @MarisasMonsters stated, “It would be amazing if everyone came back for the funeral.”@munoznoella, another admirer, added, “My Gosh, if Abby comes back… Or Bishop.”


Many characters have come and gone on “NCIS” over the years. It is to be anticipated with a series that has been running for more than 20 years.

But if there was ever a moment for Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) to return, now is the one.

An episode including Ducky’s burial would also be a wonderful opportunity for Mark Harmon, who played Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs until Season 19, to return.

Such returns would undoubtedly create news and may even entice viewers who haven’t watched “NCIS” in a while to watch it again. No matter how “NCIS” chooses to memorialize McCallum, it’s a fair bet that it will be appropriate for his enormous skill.

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