NCIS season 21: Brian Dietzen Confesses He ‘Didn’t Want’ To Write A ‘Poignant’ Ducky Tribute Episode


Brian Dietzen, well known for his role as Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, admits to having reservations about co-writing a touching tribute to the late David McCallum’s character, Ducky Mallard. McCallum passed away in September 2023, leaving fans and cast mates in sadness.

The upcoming episode, “The Stories We Leave Behind,” offers a retrospective of Ducky’s life, exploring his impact on the team. Dietzen reflects, “I didn’t want to write this script, because that means someone you really care about has passed.”

Despite his initial reservations, he acknowledges the importance of honoring McCallum’s legacy.

The episode offers a touching farewell to Ducky, as Jimmy Palmer learns his mentor’s death, sending the crew on a mission to finish Ducky’s final case. Co-stars are pleased with the tribute, with Gary Cole calling its “poignant quality” and Sean Murray believing McCallum would approve.

McCallum’s influence on the show and his cherished friendship with Dietzen are evident, as the cast prepares to bid farewell to a beloved character and actor.

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