NCIS Season 21: Anticipation Grows for Cote de Pablo’s Potential Return as Ziva


As we continue our long sabbatical, we take a look at the characters who may return in NCIS Season 21. Is it possible that Cote de Pablo will reprise her role as Ziva?

We would undoubtedly welcome the comeback of several characters from the series. Ziva, played by Cote de Pablo, is one of them.

We were devastated after her leaving in NCIS Season 8 that her will-they-won’t-they romance with Tony would end just as they had professed their affections for one another.

To make matters worse, upon Tony’s leave, we learnt that Ziva had died in an explosion off-screen.

That wasn’t the case, as it turned out. Ziva pretended to die and got her daughter out of trouble in order to get her to Tony.

Tony refused to accept Ziva had died, and he was correct. Ziva reappeared for a few episodes to help Gibbs. We’re led to assume she then went to see Tony and her daughter.

Is Ziva going to appear in NCIS Season 21?

Is this the last we’ll see of Ziva? Could she make a cameo in NCIS Season 21? It’s difficult to say because there are no season spoilers yet.

Because of the writers strike, the writers room did not open, and all shows are currently in limbo while the authors and actors negotiate with the studios.

Ziva’s return is not impossible. Cote de Pablo did leave on good terms, so there’s a chance we’ll see her return for a little appearance. However, the moment and story must be just right.

Cote must make a decision on this. If she wishes to return, the writers will consider whether Ziva can be worked into the script for an episode or two.

For the time being, we’ll just have to rely on McGee’s mentions. It would be wonderful if they were informed that Tony and McGee are still in contact.

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