‘NCIS’ Season 19: Will Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs Ever Return to the Team?

NCIS season 18 was a violent one for Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). After shooting McGee (Sean Murray) not once, but twice, Gibbs used excessive force against a suspect which resulted in his indefinite suspension.

He turned in his badge and gun and didn’t go back to NCIS for the rest of the season. Despite having an opportunity to do so. Will Gibbs finally return to his team in Season 19?

Something was wrong with Gibbs during season 18 of ‘NCIS’

Halfway through season 18, it appeared to many fans that Gibbs had stopped caring about how his actions were impacting others. In the episode titled “Watchdog,” he almost killed a man accused of murdering dogs after attacking him without asking any questions. Gibbs turned out to be right about the suspect, but his actions put his team in a difficult position where they felt they had to lie.

Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) was expecting an apology, or at least an explanation. But instead, Gibbs said the only thing he was sorry about was that he didn’t kill the guy. The former marine also got mean with his team, and at one point slammed a baseball bat on his desk. It’s starting to look like he can’t handle the emotional strain of recent events and do his job properly.

What’s going on with Marcie Warren?

After he was suspended, Gibbs teamed up with investigative journalist Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber) to work on the case of a suspected serial killer.  It seemed like they were getting close to cracking their case.

Gibbs discovered a listening device in his home and in Marcie’s office. That’s when he cranked up the music and started scribbling notes to Marcie. Gibbs told her to “walk away” and “don’t be the story” when she asked if she was in danger. Then, in the final moments of the season finale, Gibbs was driving his boat “Rule 91” when it exploded.

Will Gibbs ever return to his team on ‘NCIS’?

Before the credits rolled on the season finale, Gibbs was able to swim away from the explosion. We know he’s alive, but we don’t know who was behind the explosion. It’s possible it was the serial killer he and Marcie were looking for. Or, maybe someone wanted the world to think Gibbs was dead. Fans have a lot of questions that need answers.

At this point, it doesn’t appear that Gibbs will return to NCIS as the special agent in charge during season 19. There’s been no hints that he’s ready to pick up his badge and gun again. In fact, the clues point in the opposite direction.

Gibbs’ investigation will most likely cross paths with his team

Gibbs and Marcie’s independent investigation into the serial killer that killed her childhood friend will eventually cross paths with Gibbs’ team. If the explosion was an attempt to take Gibbs out — or if someone wanted the team to think he was dead — fans can be sure that the NCIS team will investigate.

Fans might recall that when Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) returned in season 17, she told Gibbs that she wouldn’t hesitate to go looking for him if he ever disappeared or was presumed dead. Could that mean fans will see Ziva again? It’s definitely possible.

‘NCIS’ is reportedly adding Gary Cole to the cast for season 19

With Harmon most likely taking a reduced role in season 19, NCIS is in talks with Gary Cole for a major role on the long-running drama. According to Variety, details on Cole’s character are being kept quiet. But considering Gibbs’ suspension, it’s possible he could be the new Special Agent in Charge.

Most likely, though, McGee would get a promotion to team lead. Cole’s character could be replacing Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop. Wickersham has officially left NCIS after eight seasons.

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