NCIS season 19: Why is Gibbs star Mark Harmon still in the opening credits after leaving the show..?


NCIS returns for its 20th season later this year, but why does veteran star Mark Harmon still appear in the opening credits..?

NCIS will celebrate its 20th anniversary in a matter of months, as CBS has already approved the creation of another series. Season 19 was unlike any other because fans had to say goodbye to Agent Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon). He hasn’t appeared in the police procedural since October 2021, when Harmon decided not to renew his contract.

Why is Gibbs star Mark Harmon still listed in the opening credits after leaving the show..?

Throughout the first 19 seasons of NCIS, Gibbs was the team’s leader and a father figure to the rest of the younger agents.

He was the show’s final full-time original character, with only Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum) appearing on occasion.

Gibbs was suspended after he att4cked a man who was involved in the slaughter of dogs who were not suitable for his illegal dog-fighting ring.

He didn’t get to relax while he was away because Gibbs was on the trail of a serial k1ller, which led him to Alaska.


Gibbs stated that, aside from Alaska, he had not felt at peace anywhere else in the world since the d3ath of his wife and daughter.

As a result, he decided not to return to the field and instead spend his days in Alaska, away from the stresses of the job.

Gibbs’ final episode was Great Wide Open, season 19, episode four, and fans have grown accustomed to Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) leading the way since then.

Despite his absence from the small screen, Gibbs, 70, appears to be still a part of the series.

Even though he left the show at the end of last year, actor Mark Harmon’s name appears in the season 19 opening credits.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told TV Line that the show had been in a “transitional” year.

Keeping Harmon’s name in the credits was intended to give the show some familiarity in the face of the major cast change.

This does not necessarily imply that it will be the same for Season 20.


When asked about the series’ 20 credits, Kahl simply said, “That’s something we might look into in the future.”

She then stated that “the door is open” for Harmon to return for one or more episodes in the future, but no firm plans have been made.

There’s also the issue of Harmon continuing to play a role on NCIS behind the scenes.

Another reason for his name in the credits is that the actor has been an executive producer of the police procedural since season nine.

So, unless Harmon gives up this role as well, he will almost certainly remain in the credits in some capacity.

CBS earlier this year renewed NCIS for season 20, as well as NCIS Los Angeles for season 14 and NCIS Hawaii for its second season.

So far, no release dates for any of the franchise’s three series have been announced.

NCIS is expected to return in September 2022, based on previous start dates.

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