NCIS season 19: Torres suspension ‘sealed’ after Gibbs teases a clue in the latest promo..?

NCIS season 19 has returned after a lengthy holiday break, and the next episode of the latest installment could land Agent Torres in hot water.
Special Agent Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is still reeling from his friend and colleague Agent Emily Bishop’s (Emily Wickersham) unexpected departure from the NCIS task force. With CBS viewers still missing Bishop and Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), does Torres have what it takes to fill their shoes?

A new promo for NCIS season 19, episode 12, Fight or Flight, teases some concerning developments for Agent Torres.

Torres walks into the NCIS offices, which sets the tone for the rest of the trailer.

McGee (Sean Murray) mocks Torres, saying, “Looks like you had a late night.”

His colleague then removes his sunglasses and responds to his remark with a snide look.

“That, or you just got your pupils dilated,” McGee jokes, shrugging cheekily.

The promo cuts to Torres swinging punches in what appears to be an underground fight club as McGee questions the agent about his activities the night before.

Meanwhile, Alden Parker (Gary Cole), the team’s new lead agent, leads an investigation into a murd3r v1ct1m with a missing eye.

However, the focus of this episode and the coming weeks may be on Torres becoming more of a loose cannon as a result of his recent tribulations.

After several flirtatious moments during their five seasons on-screen together, fans had long expected Torres and Bishop to start dating.

Unfortunately, Bishop was forced to leave quickly at the end of season 18 to go undercover, and the pair shared an all-too-brief kiss before saying their final goodbyes.

Torres’ grief over Bishop’s d3ath may still be weighing on his mind, prompting him to pursue a risky new hobby.

Later, he appears to be getting a talking to from Jessica Knight, a newcomer to NCIS (Katrina Law).

“This isn’t a game,” he cautions. “It’s a rescue mission.”

More MMA action teases a brutal new case as McGee speaks to a bl0od1ed Torres outside the ring.

“You look like you’re attempting to k1ll yourself,” he exclaims.

The agent appears to be preparing for a fight, but NCIS fans are well aware that violent actions in the field can have long-term consequences.

Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) suspended the team’s former Special Agent in Charge, Gibbs, in season 18 for assaulting a suspect.

This eventually led to his permanent departure from the popular cr1me drama, which he had led for nearly two decades.

If Torres takes the fight too far, he may face disciplinary action if Director Vance becomes aware of his dangerous behavior.

Could Torres’ descent into a violent sport have an impact on his work in the field?

And if he struggles to keep his temper under control, as Gibbs did in season 18, a suspension from duty may be in the cards – the evidence from the promo certainly suggests so.

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