NCIS season 19: Jimmy Palmer Romance ‘Sealed’ in Apparent Fan Clue ‘Did Not See That Coming’

After spotting a major clue in the most recent episode, NCIS viewers believe Jimmy Palmer is on the verge of falling in love.

NCIS, CBS’ long-running procedural drama, returned for another action-packed episode, providing viewers with a rare glimpse into Agent Alden Parker’s (Gary Cole) past. Fans, on the other hand, were more interested in a developing plot that could see Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) fall in love with a coworker.

The most recent episode, ‘Thick as Thieves,’ began with a flashback scene that transported viewers to Parker’s childhood.

It was revealed that the senior FBI agent had a different history with law enforcement and had previously served time behind bars.

In the past, he and his friend Billy Doyle were arrested for stealing hubcaps, but in the present, it was Billy’s nephew who had a run-in with the law.

Sean was the prime suspect in the murd3r of petty officer Danna Calley, but he was found d3ad after his name was cleared.

Despite this rare glimpse into Parker’s past and personal life, fans were more interested in a pivotal scene near the end of the episode.

Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) invited Jimmy to her cousin’s wedding as a plus one to avoid being seated with the children.

Despite her trepidation in approaching Jimmy, he was delighted to be invited and looked forward to the platonic outing.

When he saw Knight dressed up and ready for the occasion, Jimmy was taken aback and at a loss for words before he could call her “Beautiful.”

This led fans to believe that a new romance storyline for the two was on the way, and they took to social media to express their excitement.

“Knight and Palmer is a couple I didn’t see coming, but I am here for it,” tweeted @danvrslarson.

“So that’s why she was all weird about asking Palmer, she likes him,” @Kmar71 tweeted.

“Palmer, James Palmer,” another user, @BlackScorpionRP, added. I’m hoping you’ll be able to connect with Knight. Jimmy needs some adventure in his life.”

Meanwhile, @SherylHartsell84 said on Twitter, “They would make a great couple…. hint hint lol.”

“I think Knight and Palmer would make a good couple,” Twitter user @Laura Navins agreed.

While @Jessicabunbun begged the show, saying, “Dear NCIS, please make this romance happen!!!”

Jessica joined the NCIS team in season 18, but little is known about her background or personal life.

With this episode focusing on her, perhaps the show will finally switch gears and focus on her for a while, especially after the mention of a cousin.

In 2021, Jimmy’s love life became the focus of the show when his wife Breanna Palmer (Michelle Pierce) d1ed on C0V1D 19.

Victoria Palmer (Elle Graper), his daughter, was last seen in episode 13.

Fans will have to wait and see what comes of the outing and if it could lead to more.

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  1. It was interesting; all of a sudden there’s a pairing of Palmer and Knight [ seemed unlikely plot in previous episodes] but you see them and think; “Golly, this could work; at least for awhile.”

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