NCIS season 19: Fornell forms an unlikely alliance with Gibbs’ replacement Parker.


Leroy Gibbs, the NCIS team leader, may be out of commission, but his old friend Tobias Fornell is still looking for a replacement in an upcoming episode.

The current season of NCIS will conclude next week, after which the long-running cr1me drama will have its first-ever crossover with the new spin-off NCIS: Hawaii. Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano) will make his first appearance since the start of season 19 in CBS’s highly anticipated crossover event.

Fornell, a former FBI agent, will return to NCIS at the end of March for the first time since his friend Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left the agency last year.

Gibbs avoided arrest in episode four, Great Wide Open, thanks to a favor from Alden Parker (Gary Cole), and decided to stay in Alaska.

After saying his goodbyes to his coworkers, Gibbs was replaced by Agent Parker after he was fired by the FBI.

Parker and Fornell will have to work together on another high-stakes mission, according to a new spoiler image for an upcoming episode.

According to a new still from episode 17, Starting Over, Fornell will be called in to assist on the NCIS’s next case.


“NCIS investigates the apparent suicide of a retired Navy officer who was in Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) and Knight’s (Katrina Law) grief group,” according to the official synopsis.”

Meanwhile, “Torres receives a call from NCIS Special Agent Jane Tennant requesting that he travel to Hawaii.” “..

Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jessica Knight will both travel to the North Pacific to meet Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey).

NCIS fans will also see Fornell and Parker’s relationship fleshed out for the first time since Gibbs’ departure.

Gibbs’ close friend and frequent ally, like Parker, is an ex-FBI agent.

Parker, on the other hand, was fired from the Bureau much more recently, so Fornell may have learned a thing or two about how things are done.

While Gibbs and Fornell got along well during their appearances over the years, Parker will most likely be dealing with a brand new working relationship.

Parker is well aware of his work for the FBI, but he lacks the bond Fornell had with the former Special Agent in Charge.


Fornell’s role in the story is being kept under wraps for the time being, but it will be interesting to see how he reacts to a new agent taking the lead.

In other news, Agent Tennant will meet members of the main team for the first time in Episode 17.

Unlike previous spin-offs, which were introduced through a backdoor pilot within the flagship NCIS series, NCIS: Hawaii debuted on its own terms in September of last year.

The first of many crossovers was announced in January 2022, and the Hawaii-based spin-off has already become a smash hit with NCIS fans.

Diona Reasonover, a series regular, is also set to appear in the crossover, though it’s unclear whether her character Kasie Hines will also meet Agent Tennant in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, NCIS will return next Monday with episode 16, The Wake, in which Agent Knight will face off against a distraught and dangerous murd3r suspect.

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