NCIS season 19: Following her debut, fans laud the actor’s daughter ‘What A Lovely Moment!’

Cay McGee, McGee’s real-life daughter, received a lot of love from NCIS fans after her first appearance on the show.

NCIS returned to CBS with another thrilling episode of the procedural drama, in which the beloved team faced a difficult cr1m1nal case. After the latest episode aired, fans praised Sean Murray’s daughter Cay Ryan Murray, who appeared as a guest star in the episode.

Viewers were able to see how Sean and Cay’s relationship as father and daughter translated on the screen in the most recent episode, “The Brat Pack.”

Cay played Teagan Fields, a troubled adolescent, while retaining his role as a Special Agent on the force.

During the episode, the squad was looking into some mischievous teenagers who had committed a number of break-ins at a marine base.

Teagan was among them, as it was soon revealed that one of the other hooligans was robbing to impress her.

Noah (Daniel DiMaggio) and his gang of teenagers had been breaking into servicemen’s homes after they had left to occupy the space and throw parties.

After being taken in for questioning, he explained that the reason for their cr1mes was that the children had a difficult time living in the base.

This was also true for Teagan, who revealed that she had felt unloved by her parents while being transferred from one military base to another with her mother, who was serving overseas.

McGee (Sean Murray) and Teagan eventually shared a scene, and as a military kid himself, he was able to get her to admit to hacking into the base.

Viewers flooded the actress with praise for her appearance on the show on social media.

“It was awesome to see [Sean Murray] and his daughter Cay Ryan Murray on screen together in this episode,” tweeted @WesleyCoughlan.

“Great episode with Sean Murray’s daughter, fantastic job!!” agreed @SQBennet.

Another follower, @Sylvissister, commented: “[Sean Murray] Tonight, you did an excellent job with your daughter. She hit every note. Thank you for a wonderful episode.”

“That was such a great episode!” said @elongatedbean. Cay Ryan Murray, Sean Murray’s daughter, delivered an outstanding performance!”

“I hope they bring her back and this is a great episode,” tweeted @Jackhime.

“Awww!!!” said @BanksKelli. What a touching moment between a father and his daughter.”

Sean was the first to proudly announce the casting of his daughter Cay in a touching Instagram post.

“I am pleased to introduce my daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, into the on-screen world of NCIS!” he wrote alongside a photo of them together.

“Cay is a guest star in our upcoming May 2 episode, and I couldn’t be happier.”

With fans clamoring for more of the young actress, viewers will have to wait and see if she returns to the big screen.

However, this may take some time because NCIS will be taking a two-week break and will return on Monday, May 16.

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