NCIS Season 19: Fans Left in ‘Tears’ After Gibbs Surprise ‘So Thankful for This!’


NCIS returned to television after a mid-season break, and fans were moved to tears when a beloved character was mentioned, despite their absence.

The tenth episode of CBS’ hit procedural series, titled ‘Pledge of Allegiance,’ has finally returned to screens. Along with excitement for the show’s highly anticipated return, many NCIS fans were moved to tears when fan favorite Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) dominated the episode despite his departure in episode four.

After stepping down as a special agent and in charge of NCIS, Gibbs left viewers heartbroken.

The actor’s departure was emotional because he had played the character for nearly two decades, and fans had grown accustomed to seeing him on screen.

Although he did not appear in the most recent episode, he was mentioned, which made the viewers feel his absence even more acutely.

Away from solving complex cr1m1nal cases, Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and James Palmer (Brian Dietzen) discovered a $10,000 deposit in their bank accounts.


Despite their confusion and desire to know where it came from, Nicholas Torress (Wilmer Valderrama) attempted to persuade James to spend the money.

The mystery was solved at the end of the episode, however, after the team cracked their case.

After their work was completed, Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) asked Jimmy and Timothy to stay behind.

When the money appeared in their accounts, they assumed they were in big trouble for not handing it over.

Instead, Leon explained why the money was given to him, saying, “I wanted to welcome you as the newest members of the Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Fund.”

Timothy and Jimmy were taken aback and eventually refused to accept the money, claiming Gibbs was “overly generous.”

Vance, on the other hand, insisted on keeping it, recalling that he had previously received a donation from Gibbs when his children were much younger.

He explained that the fund was originally established for Gibbs’ daughter Kelly Gibbs (Mary Mouser), who tragically d1ed at a young age.


Fans were also taken aback and moved to tears to see Gibbs continue to have a positive impact on the NCIS team despite being thousands of miles away.

“KNEW IT!!!” tweeted Tag42768. It made me miss Gibbs even more.

“Awesome! I love the idea, and it’s such a unique way to honor Kelly. I’m grateful for this unique method of continuing to provide Gibbs to us. “#NCIS,” Serenagarde tweeted.

“I had a gut feeling from the beginning that Gibbs had something to do with the money because Mcgee and Palmer were the only ones who got money,” Alexandriaxox added.


“Just when I thought I couldn’t cry any more tears for Gibbs,” an emotional TeresaAustene tweeted.

Before the scene ended, McGee said, “What a legacy,” and Palmer wished he could thank the team’s former boss “in person.”

Which prompted Vance to respond, “Well, hopefully, one day you will,” implying a return to NCIS.

“So regarding the future of Gibbs, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years, never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out,” showrunner Steve Binder said in a statement.

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