NCIS season 19: After a ‘Twisted’ past, Fans Wants More Torres Episodes. ‘I need more!’

After the recent episode revealed some of Nick Torres’ past, NCIS fans pleaded for more storylines involving him.

CBS’s popular procedural drama NCIS returned with another thrilling episode, leaving fans begging for more Nick Torres-focused episodes (played by Wilmer Valderrama). This occurred after viewers witnessed the agent’s vulnerable side after his past was revealed.

Torres had remained a heartthrob for many fans since his first appearance in season 14 and had become a fan-favorite for solving cases by going undercover.

His confidence and ambition, however, were seen as intimidating by some, and he was labeled cocky for a time.

Despite this, viewers frequently saw a caring side of him as he went out of his way to fiercely protect those he cared about.

In the most recent episode, “Last Dance,” viewers saw Torres at his most vulnerable, as his past caught up with him and left him feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

The agent sought professional help for his trauma and met with Dr Grace (Laura San Giacomo), a professional therapist who questioned his sobriety.

His undercover work, as well as his relationships with his father and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), were identified as contributing factors to his burdens.

In a sh0cking turn of events, Torres was subjected to even more trauma after the cr1minal from a previous investigation was released from prison and went on the hunt for him.

This was followed by a triple homicide investigation for the team.

Torres had previously gone undercover as Carlos Salazar to successfully arrest Raymundo Diaz (Joseph Melendez).

Torres had also begun dating Diaz’s cousin Maria in order to gather more information about him.

However, the agent was unaware that Diaz had bribed his way out of a Mexican prison and, after k1lling three people, was looking for Carlos Salazar.

Maria entered witness protection after flipping on Diaz, which she only agreed to do after Torres lied and said he would go into protection with her, as she had no idea she was dealing with a federal agent.

Fans were ecstatic to see a Torres-focused episode and took to Twitter to express their delight.

“I’m loving this Torres storyline!” wrote @MayriaShainee. I require more because he carries a TON of baggage.”

“I love Torres even more now after tonight’s episode,” @Lizzy2891 said.

“Torres’ undercover past is so twisted, I love it,” said @Amber Wallace75.

Torres was escorted to Maria’s hideout, where she had been living as Anita, a telemarketer, after it was discovered that she was in danger.

When she was nowhere to be found, he agreed to go into witness protection because his life was in danger, but once there, he drowned his sorrows in alcohol.

He was drunk when he heard a noise in the hallway and grabbed his gun, only to discover it was Maria.

Torres later admitted to Dr Grace that seeing her triggered feelings he hadn’t felt in six years.

With this revelation, viewers may be in for more Torres and Maria storylines, possibly involving a romance.

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