‘NCIS’ Season 18: Will Gibbs and Sloane Finally Get Together Only to Be Torn Apart?

NCIS will soon say goodbye to Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane (Maria Bello). But as her exit nears, fans still have a lot of questions.

Especially about the relationship between Sloane and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Is it possible they will finally get together only to be torn apart?

Sloane’s exit from ‘NCIS’ could be more complicated than she’d planned

The latest new episode titled “The First Day” was the first one in season 18 to take place in a post-COVID world. The first six episodes of the season jumped back in time, starting in November 2019. 

In the episode, Sloane told Gibbs that she had thoughts about leaving. The conversation began after he noticed travel brochures for different destinations, like Montana and Jamaica. When he asked if she was planning a trip, Sloane admitted she was thinking about making a change.

“I guess you could say that. I’ve been weighing some things,” including “leaving…NCIS,” Sloane confessed. “The last 10 months really have me rethinking what’s important. I think it’s time I slowed my life down a bit — got out of the city, maybe go to Costa Rica, open a bar on the beach. Just be.”

However, her exit from NCIS might be a lot more complicated than she’d planned. In the description for the next episode titled “True Believer,” it’s revealed that Sloane’s plans for opening a bar on the beach might not happen.

The next episode will see Sloane and Gibbs in Afghanistan

NCIS will be taking a short break before the next episode airs in early March. When it does return, fans will see Sloane and Gibbs together in Afghanistan.

“When Sloane’s name is discovered in Afghanistan at the site of an abandoned bus with a dead driver, Gibbs accompanies her on a trip to find a group of girls who were kidnapped from the bus,” the episode description reads. “Also, McGee, Bishop, and Torres track down a hacker who emailed compromising information to the Taliban.”

This description doesn’t confirm that it will be Sloane’s last. But before season 18 began, Bello announced she was leaving the show after three seasons. It was also revealed that she would appear in just eight episodes this season before exiting the series.

Considering they set up her departure in the most recent episode, it’s likely this will be her last. However, it’s not clear if this will be the final goodbye. According to Cinema Blend, co-showrunner Frank Cardea promised Jack’s exit would be “worthy” of what the character deserves.

That makes it sound like they won’t kill off Jack’s character. But, there’s no guarantee.

Will ‘Slibbs’ fans get the outcome they are hoping for in Sloane’s final ‘NCIS’ episode?

In addition to the brief synopsis of the upcoming NCIS episode, CBS also released some promo pictures. One of the images is of Sloane and Gibbs in Afghanistan, and both are decked out head to toe in camo.

However, according to Express, it’s another episode image involving Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) that hints Slibbs fans might get the kiss they’ve been hoping for. In the snap, Torres, McGee (Sean Murray), and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) are in the NCIS office and they are all looking at something off camera.

Both Bishop and McGee have their mouths open. While Torres has his fingers crossed and a look of excitement on his face. Many fans believe that the trio is witnessing the Slibbs kiss that they’ve been waiting for.

Of course, if a kiss between Sloane and Gibbs does happen, it will take place before she leaves the show for good.

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