NCIS season 18: Why Mark Harmon’s Gibbs isn’t ready to date – yet

NCIS season 18 is going to feature a lot of big stories for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs — could romance be one of them? We know that there is going to be an appetite for it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that something more will be happening.

It does seem like something between Gibbs and Sloane could eventually be on the metaphorical menu for the character, but with NCIS, things are more often a marathon as opposed to a sprint. There are a lot of things that need to happen to get characters from point A to point B and with Gibbs, self-improvement is up high on the priority list.

Speaking on the subject of Gibbs’ romantic future to TV Insider, executive producer Frank Cardea made it clear that “he has things to work on with himself before he’s ready to work on a relationship.” One of the biggest ones is him finding a way to open up further about his feelings. Until he can figure out a better way to do that, it’s hard to imagine that he will in a place where he can communicate properly. There may be some feelings that are there between Gibbs and Sloane, but we don’t think that either one of them is in any hurry. Allow them to bond and get closer — eventually, they may give themselves permission to extend things beyond what they are currently.

We imagine that emotionally, we’re in the midst of seeing Gibbs make it over some stepping-stones. He’s had a couple of revelations over the past couple of years, but still has more to go before he is truly fully-formed.

When do you think we could see a Gibbs romance manifest on NCIS…??

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