NCIS season 18 theories: Torres to take over from Gibbs after promo art clue – here’s why

NCIS season 18 is just weeks away from premiering on CBS with Gibbs and co returning to screens after a longer than usual wait. However, could a huge clue from the series’ key art for the upcoming season suggest Nick Torres could replace Gibbs? Here’s the theory.

NCIS fans rejoiced earlier this week when CBS finally announced the 18th season of the hit crime drama would be returning on November 17. After the coronavirus pandemic brought season 17 to an abrupt halt, there’s plenty of storylines to look forward to, from Jack Sloane’s (played by Maria Bello) exit to the future of Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Ellie Bishop’s (Emily Wickersham) romance. However, could a shock exit be on the cards for leader Gibbs (Mark Harmon) with Torres taking on his role thanks to the show’s key art for the new run?

Many of the NCIS cast have been sharing photos to tease what’s on the way in season 18 via their social media platforms.

Wilderrama excited fans with a behind the scenes snap in his special 400th episode t-shirt while the likes of Diona Reasonover teased the release date before it was even announced.

CBS is yet to release any concrete promo images from the premiere episode which airs next month, but the US network has shared its key art for the next instalment.

And Gibbs takes centre stage in the snap (below) as he’s joined by all of the other big names in the team.

Gibbs is shown walking towards the camera in the promo poster, with Torres closest behind him.

Bishop, McGee (Sean Murray) and Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) stand close behind the pair as they strike a pose.

While Ducky (David McCallum), Kasie (Diona Reasonover), Sloane and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) complete the promo in the back.

And although Gibbs is front and centre, could the key art be hinting Torres is going to be stepping into his shoes?

After all, Torres is the agent who’s pictured closest to Gibbs in the promo art.

And he’s the only member of the team who is adopting a similar stance to his boss, walking towards the camera.

Could this hint at Torres walking into the same role as Gibbs should he depart?

And considering his proximity to Gibbs, could this symbolise he’s next in line to lead the team?

This isn’t the only hint at Gibbs possibly being replaced by Torres as actor Wilderrama has also dropped a big clue himself.

Speaking to TV Insider, Wilderrama explained how season 18 will see Gibbs mentor and mould Torres into a leader like he is.

“In the last season, you saw a lot of them come together as the veteran wolf coming in with the young wolf,” he said.

The NCIS star continued: “You’re going to see that play out a lot this season,”

“How Gibbs is going to seem a little bit and feel a little bit responsible for the restructuring of Torres’ morality,” Valderrama went on.

He concluded: “He’s going to be a major influence in how he evolves as a leader,

“That’s what’s going to be really fun to watch is just seeing Torres boycott that,

“‘I’m only here part-time,’ but really, internally, he knows he’s learned to make them the family he never really had.”

Why would Gibbs be shaping Torres into a leader if he didn’t have the idea of him stepping into his shoes at some point?

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  1. No way should they do that, his macho ego and musclehead appearance stand in the way of capable leadership but he can experience how it feels to be in the lead. I hope they will not make him a leader, a strong smart woman beside McGee would be a better option if Gibbs goes to visit Jack Sloane. After Gibbs they shoud stop.

  2. Wildemar wants too much: don’t do it, it won’t be an NCIS show anymore.
    Don’t get me wrong, he puts great energy into the show, but certainly not a main/ leader character. AND writers STOP COMPARING HIM TO GIBBS

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