NCIS season 18 spoilers: Nick Torres star drops huge hint at what’s to come ‘Excited!’

NCIS’ season premiere is just around the corner and main cast member Wilmer Valderrama has promised some exciting revelations about fan favourite Nick Torres.

Action-packed series NCIS was cut short earlier this year by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic back in March. Now the popular crime-solving team are heading back to CBS next month, Wilmer Valderrama has been busy teasing the exciting upcoming season. 

The 17th season of NCIS was torn away from screens earlier this year as the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to production. 

Before Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon), Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and the team could deal with their toughest cases yet, fans had to make do with a stand-in finale back in April.

Thankfully, production has recently kickstarted again, and the first slate of episodes will hit CBS this November. 

As the show’s faithful audience of millions wait for Gibbs & co. to get down to business, principal star Wilmer Valderrama has promised big things to come for his character, Nick Torres.

Originally introduced as an undercover special operative, the hot-headed agent has nevertheless become a valued member of the team over the years. 

Heading into season 18, a large portion of NCIS fans are praying the series will finally address Torres’ undeniable chemistry with fellow agent, Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Bishop (Emily Wickersham). 

However, while a fledgling relationship is on the cards, Valderrama has hinted the upcoming season will mostly focus on Torres’ mysterious past. 

Speaking to TV Insider, the star confirmed: “I don’t know what’s in store for any of the other characters, but for my character specifically, we’re going to be finding out so much more about his past this season.”

As NCIS’ episode output is so substantial, its production schedule operates slightly differently to most modern TV series. 

Even during the pandemic, CBS will release episodes as the season is still being shot, meaning not everything about the over-arching storyline has been revealed to the cast. 

Although Valderrama is still in the dark about where season 18 will eventually go, he was still able to confirm Nick Torres fans will be incredibly satisfied with NCIS’ 2020-21 run.

He continued: “This season is going to really focus a lot on where he really came from, what was his upbringing and his family.”

“So we’re going to get to learn a little bit more about his family since Torres has been such a mystery to the audience for the last four years.”

From his first introduction to the series, Torres has been somewhat of an enigma to fans still tuning in to NCIS each week. 

Season 14 revealed his covert undercover mission to take down crime boss Leo Silva (Juan Carlos Cantu) before his cover was blown and he joined Gibbs and the NCIS team.

However, viewers are still none the wiser about Torres’ origins before his perilous career as an undercover operative.

Wilmer Valderrama teased: “It’s going to be fun to peel some of the layers off and really give the audience a little bit more justification of why he is the way he is. 

“That excites me because as an actor that’s what you want. You want to play those layers.”

Whether his past is explained through flashbacks or dialogues, the star revealed his scenes as Nick Torres in season 18 have been some of his favourite moments in his acting career.

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