‘NCIS’ Season 18 Episode 15: Mark Harmon Set to Reunite With the Team — But Not For the Reason Fans May Think

NCIS is getting close to the end of season 18, and there’s still a lot of questions left to answer. Most notably, fans want to know what’s next for Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) after his indefinite suspension.

According to the preview for episode 15 titled “Blown Away,” — airing May 18 — Gibbs will be reuniting with his team. But it’s not for the reason fans may think.

‘NCIS’ will welcome a new face in the final episodes of season 18

With just a couple of episodes left to air in the 16-episode season, NCIS will welcome a new face. In the penultimate episode, Hawaii Five-0 alum Katrina Law will be introduced as NCIS REACT Agent Jessica Knight.

It was revealed earlier this year that Law would be a special guest star during season 18. But, details about why she was working with NCIS were hard to come by. That has changed in recent days, as CBS has finally revealed that Agent Knight will connect with NCIS due to a horrible tragedy.

Who’s funeral will it be?

In early April, NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama posted behind-the-scenes pics on Instagram that featured the cast dressed in black. The image made it clear that the characters were attending a funeral. But, it was unclear who’s funeral they were attending.

In the caption Valderrama wrote, “Speaking of starting lineups..we are on the homestretch for our season finale. (that’s all I’m allowed to say) 

Every cast member was in the photo, with one notable exception. David McCallum (Dr. Ducky Mallard) was nowhere to be seen. Fans immediately started asking if the photos were from Ducky’s funeral.

The ‘NCIS’ funeral is for a team of REACT Agents

The final episodes of NCIS season 18 will feature a funeral. But, fans shouldn’t worry about Ducky. According to Express, the memorial service is for a group of REACT agents who were Jessica’s friends and colleagues.

She is the only one who managed to survive, as the rest of her team was killed. She will be teaming up with the agents of NCIS to investigate what happened. Jessica wants justice for her fallen colleagues, but will they get away with murder?

There’s also the possibility that Law’s character could become a permanent member of the NCIS team in Washington DC.

Mark Harmon will reunite with his team

During Season 18, Episode 10 “Watchdog,” Gibbs was suspended indefinitely after he used excessive force against a suspect. Instead of apologizing for his actions to director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), Gibbs said he was sorry he didn’t kill the guy.

Since then, Gibbs has been at home catching up on household chores, testifying against scam artists in court, and telling his story to journalist Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber). Meanwhile, his team is learning how to work a case without him.

In episode 15, Gibbs will finally reunite with his team. But, not in a way that fans may be expecting. According to Carter Matt, the images from the episode show Gibbs dressed up in a suit for the REACT agents’ funeral. He’s reuniting with his team for the memorial, not for a case.

‘NCIS’ will have a ‘major, major’ season finale

CBS recently renewed NCIS for season 19, and Valderrama promises a “major, major” season finale that will set it up. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the That 70’s Show alum promised fans they will get the finale that they deserve after not getting a “proper” finale last season due to the pandemic.

“We finally get to give the fans the season finale they’ve been wanting or needing or wanting to see,” Valderrama revealed. “We were able to have a real season finale that leads us into a season premiere, and it’s a major one. It’s a major, major season finale.”

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