NCIS season 18: Cote de Pablo, Joe Spano, & more who should return

We know NCIS season 18 is coming, and we know that there are a lot of interesting characters who could be back. Yet, who are some of the most interesting? Why not break that down within!

Below, we’ve come up with five familiar faces (or really six, if you was to separate Ziva and Tony) who could be interesting to see back on the show again. There are reasons aplenty to think that they will be back, and it’s mostly a matter of finding the right story. At least one of them is all but confirmed to be back in Delilah.

Ziva David – This one goes almost without saying. She’s a former series regular, so Cote de Pablo’s character exists largely in a class of her own. Yet, there’s still a whole lot of story to tell with Ziva, including that reunion with Tony and Tali. (We still assume there’s a chance we could see some of that down the road.) Ziva’s also got such a skill set that she could be used for various characters. You can certainly include Tony on the list separately, but it makes sense to discuss them both together.

Tobias Fornell – Somehow, Joe Spano did not appear in all of the season 17. That needs to change. He’s Gibbs’ friend, they have such an extensive history, and above all else, we think there’s more story to tell from the drug trade that we first saw back in “Daughters.”

Delilah Fielding – McGee’s wife (played by Margo Harshman) was originally supposed to be in one of the final episodes of season 17, so it makes some sense to think that she will be a part of one of the opening episodes of season 18. With that, we’re sure that there are some fun family moments — also, let’s not forget about her own skill set and usefulness to the team.

Young Ducky – While Adam Campbell’s character is not a guest star in the present-day timeline, we’ve had some really fun flashbacks over the years to some of how Dr. Mallard became the person that he was. Depending on how far back the 400th episode chooses to go (we know it’s about the early days of him and Gibbs), this is a possibility.

Dr. Grace Confalone – For those of you who are Gibbs/Sloane ‘shippers, this is one that makes a whole lot of sense. We’ve seen Sloane confide in Grace (Laura San Giacomo) about some of her feelings for someone (presumably Gibbs), and she could be useful in moving things further. She’s also a solid emotional confidante to Mark Harmon’s character.

Who do you want to see return on NCIS season 18?

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