NCIS Season 18: CBS Revealed more Covid Delays for Season 18

NCIS Season 18 Updates: We were left wondering what had happened to Fornell after the fall season wrapped up. To tell him all about Merriweather, the entity he assumes is at the head of the opioid ring, he was scheduled to meet with Gibbs.

Fornell didn’t show up to the meeting, however. Is Fornell been abducted? Had he been killed? We aren’t sure whether Fornell was identified and abducted by Merriweather, but we have cause to think he’s alive. The latest images have surfaced of the upcoming episode, and Fornell is standing next to Torres.

NCIS Season 18 has a big treat when the show returns:

The next NCIS series will feature two back-to-back episodes. On the same night, Episodes 4 and 5 will air. That means you’re going to get two full NCIS hours. This is not the first time that the NCIS franchise has broadcast two new episodes in a row. NCIS: Episodes 4 and 5 of Los Angeles Season 12 (titled ‘Cash Flow’ and ‘Raising the Dead’ respectively), both ran back-to-back.

During ‘NCIS’ Season 18, a major character will return:

This season, a significant character will return. It was recently announced that during episode 4, titled Sunburn, McGee’s wife, Delilah, will be featured. The last time she appeared on the show was during Season 16, Episode 14, titled Once Upon a Tim.

We don’t know which case they’re talking about yet, but we presume that’s the case that Fornell and Gibbs have been working on in secret. And those dangerous implications they have had to do with McGee getting fired.

What else in the ‘NCIS’ world is going on?:

There was a lot of action on NCIS as well: Los Angeles. Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks based most of the storylines on (Eric Christian Olsen). Deeks has been under a lot of tension over the last few episodes since he lost his job, Kensi wants to have a daughter, and they’re getting ready to buy a home. Fortunately, Deeks was granted a Christmas miracle.

He received the news that an exception had been made and he would be permitted to join FLETC. He will now learn to be an NCIS agent (before he was an LAPD liaison to NCIS). His journey as an agent towards joining NCIS should be fascinating.

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