NCIS: Sean Murray’s daughter Cay Ryan Murray, Who is she in Real-Life..?

Fans of NCIS were ecstatic to see Sean Murray working alongside his daughter in a promo for the upcoming episode. Cay Ryan Murray, who is she..?

NCIS has returned to CBS and Disney Plus, and the upcoming episode is packed with surprises. Cay Ryan, Sean Murray’s daughter, not only appears in the episode, but she also plays an important role. Everything you need to know about the celebrity can be found on

Who is Cay Ryan Murray (Sean Murray’s daughter)…?

Fans will be curious to see how Sean’s real-life relationship with his daughter plays out on the big screen.

Cay portrays Teagan Fields, a teen caught up in the team’s latest case.

After spending time together, she and McGee (played by Sean Murray) form a close bond.

McGee could become Teagan’s father figure, and elements of their off-screen relationship could appear.

Sean proudly introduced his daughter to the series on Instagram.

“I am pleased to introduce my daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, into the on-screen world of NCIS!” he wrote alongside a photo of the two.

“Cay is a guest star in our upcoming May 2 episode, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Cay has an Instagram account as well, but they have only shared three posts so far.

They did, however, post an Instagram story with a few behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming episode.

The first image showed Teagan sitting at one of the NCIS team’s desks.

The second shot showed Cay and their father sitting on a bench outside together.

Teagan will be a member of the team’s investigation into a ring of teen partygoers.

Their inquiries are in response to a series of break-ins at Marine Base Quantico.

Their appearance in The Brat Pack will be their first on-screen appearance.

Fans took to social media to wish Sean’s daughter luck as the episode airs.

“Wow, that must feel surreal, especially if [they were] little when you first started on the show. How fab,” Shelleyrostlund said.

“Just simply fantastic!!! It’s going to be Epic,” Electromanken added.

Viewers are eager to see the two stars’ on-screen chemistry.

_blindman420 commented: “A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one says it all: look at the chemistry and happiness in just one frame!

“I can’t wait to see this episode; I think tho gibbs/Mark would be more proud of both of you!” [Sic]

Sean has a wonderful relationship with his daughter, and earlier this year he shared a photo of the two at a concert in Los Angeles.

He stated: “I saw System of a Down in LA a few weeks ago with my lovely Cay… it was one of the best nights of my life.

“Head banging for two hours with your child is not something you get to do very often. It comes highly recommended.”

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